Thursday, August 7, 2014

Road Trip Finds and a Blogging Friend Visit

We finally had a break from our triple digit temperatures this week, so I was able to get out to the garage and go through the treasures I brought home from my trip to Southern California with the girls.  I found a few keepers, but most everything will be following me to Mes Amis Vintage Antique Show next month.   

I'm loving the color of the 18" metal box and the long legs on the aluminum pot.

More metal containers that could be planted or prettied up for holding more treasures.

Something about this sweet cross stitch spoke to me and I'm sure it was trying to make me feel guilty.  FYI:  I do not like to cook.  Once upon a time way back in the old days I was a happy cook.  I learned from my mother, from a book, and by trial and error.  Then something changed.  I don't recall ever setting the kitchen on fire, but there was a point where major burn-out set in.

These 7" x 9" Paris fashion prints are just about the same color even though one looks darker.

This 12" x 16" framed silk isn't something I would normally buy, but I thought it was interesting.  I'd love to explore behind those doors.

It's nice to have a little history because I can't read the signature on front.

 I didn't find a lot of jewelry bits considering the number of piles available to pick through, but I'm happy with the quality of what I found.  The four antique cut steel buttons on the card are now earrings.

This time I filled an old glass rolling pin with vintage lace instead of buttons. 

You must be sick and tired of seeing pictures of silverware, so I'll just show you the handles, lol.  I picked up a piece here and a piece there, then all of a sudden a new pile was born.

I usually like my silver with a little tarnish, but the spotted champagne bucket was a little too much.  It's looking a lot better now.

An odd combination, but they were stashed in the same bag. 

How about a platter full of vintage glass door knobs, salt & pepper shakers, and cookie cutters.  

Giant diamonds.

I've never seen salt and pepper shakers that unscrew from the bottom. 

These little pretties are marked Royal Doulton Flambe on the bottom.  Unfortunately one of the cups has a small chip probably caused by the sewing hook thing.  Anyone know what these are officially called, and should those hooks be there?


Last but not least, I have one more treasure to share....
Linda from A La Carte.  Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting up with Linda for lunch at The Cheesecake Factory in San Jose.  Linda has been in town visiting her daughter and we didn't want to miss getting together this time.  We've been blogging buddies since just after I started my blog four years ago, so it's no wonder we talked for 3 1/2 hours and could have gone on and on.  The picture was taken with my phone and it was a little dark in there, but you get the idea.  We had such a fun time!! 
No junking adventures for me this weekend.  I'll be spending the next three days helping my sister and brother-in-law move into their new home.  It will be a fun time with lots of friends and family members helping out.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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