Friday, October 17, 2014

Junking Finds and Jewelry Creations

Are you still finding any good yard sales in your area?  The promising sounding sales that grab my attention and make me eager to venture out at the crack of dawn have been almost nonexistent lately. I did find one decent yard sale last weekend, then there was a flea market the weekend before where I found some pretty good junk.....

  What are the chances of finding an orange scale?  It was waiting for me at the yard sale along with a few other things that aren't pictured.  Everything else is from the flea market.  

 The person who painted this scale nailed pumpkin orange!
It doesn't get much pumpkin-ier than this.

I thought the Paris hand colored litho by G. Lelong was so pretty, but the frame...not so much.  I bought the smaller picture on the right for the frame.

I bought this one because I love the sweet poem and the frame. The thermometer doesn't work, but I couldn't leave it behind.

A small rusty cast iron basket inside a tarnished champagne bucket inside a large rusty wire basket.  Love!

20 aluminum cups (about the size of Dixie cups) and some metal numbers.  I'm thinking the cups would make great candle holders after I dress them up a bit.  

 This box full of crystal chandelier parts caught my eye just as I was leaving the flea market.  I had to pick out all the broken glass and several parts were missing, but the price was right and I saw it as a box full of potential.  

These are always fun to make when I can find crystals in decent shape and with holes large enough to accommodate a jump ring.  I soaked the crystals in Efferdent over night to get rid of all the gunk trapped in the holes, then I was able to start on the fun part.

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