Friday, October 24, 2014

Sue's Country Barn Tour

It's that time of the year again for Sue's Country Barn sale.  I can't believe it's been three years since I wandered over to our neighboring town to visit the barn.  Sue opens twice a year for a short two week period, then she spends the next several months gathering treasures for the next opening.  You can see pictures from my last visit in October 2011 here and April 2011 here.  I didn't make it over to the barn until the third day of the sale, but there was still plenty to see.

Don't you love that rustic Sears Roebuck box?  The blue chest of drawers it's sitting on grabbed my attention also.

Enjoy the tour.  I'll try not to talk too much:-)


This is the view when you walk through the front door.  Notice the sun shining right through the barn walls?   This explains the white blobs and lines in some of these pictures.

This rusty metal cabinet full drawers had to be my favorite item in the barn this time.  Unfortunately I had to leave it behind because it was way out of my thrifty loving price range.

Things grow big in this barn....

For greater see-ability you can buy one of these humongous light bulbs.  They're about 14" long!

Or you can buy this bird mansion.  

It's hard to see just how big this suitcase is without a reference, but it had to be at least 4' long.  

Love these chippy old beauties.

What did I buy?
Three of these old fruit drying racks for just $5 each.  I see signs. 

I couldn't resist the biggest stamp I've ever seen!  This thing is 9" long and the rubber is in perfect condition.  This one is a keeper.

Sue's Country Barn will be open daily 10:00am - 5:00pm through October 26th.
12607 E. Hwy 120 in Manteca, Ca.  For more information you can call 209-607-6013.  Sorry, still no website or Facebook page that I know of.

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  1. What an awesome barn sale! So many interesting displays and vignettes. Thanks for the tour! I know you are going to have fun with that large stamp you bought and I can't wait to see your drying racks signs.

  2. I can't imagine what was there on days 1 and 2 if all that was left on day 3. I saw so many things I would love. And, I got an idea. I love the table set with the blue and white plates. I am going to look online for some blue and white bandanas.

  3. I love the beaded purses and rhinestone belt buckles but my favorite has to be the bird mansion! Thanks for sharing these treasures. I enjoyed it!

  4. I, too, loved that metal cabinet. And how I would love to sit down and have lunch or tea at that pretty white table with the wonderful blue and white table settings!

  5. Wow lots of great stuff to see and shop through there!! Love that giant pulley!! Thanks for the tour!! :) Happy Friday! xo Holly

  6. Oh, so many pretties to see all in one place! I'd have been dragging things home and I have nowhere to put them.

  7. Oh - I want that bird mansion, but have no place to put it!!! The blue chest with multiple shallow drawers would make great storage for jewelry making supplies.
    I can dream! LOL

    Weather is suppose to be beautiful here this weekend. Hope it is where you are also.!
    Have a great weekend!

  8. This would be such a fun place to visit. Love the drying racks! They are going to awesome when you get done with them.

  9. In the 7th photo I am in LOVE with the round table with the 2 carved drawers and curved legs!!!! If I lived there, it would be mine!!!!!

  10. What a fun sale...I saw SO many unusual things I would love!

  11. Looks like she had a lot of things reupholstered, too. I love the gilted white French style couch and they were very expensive. Beautiful!

  12. So many great goodies all in one place!!

  13. Hi Betsy, I see lots of wonderful items. You brought some great things home. What a shame that the cabinet was too expensive. I love its color and chippiness. Have fun making signs and have a lovely weekend!

  14. Betsy, what a fun sale. I saw lots of things I would have loved to have if I could afford them. I love the fruit drying racks. Thanks for taking us along!

  15. The blue chest of **little** drawers is perfection. How fun to have a barn where you can take your time to hunt and gather and set things up just right!

  16. Oh what fun. I totally love that shelf unit with the glass covered doors and the red inside! And that STAMP! Wow.

  17. What a fantastic tour!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!!
    I really enjoyed it!!

    thanks so much for your visit!!


  18. This looks fun, fun, fun! Blessings, Cecilia

  19. Dang I would have loved getting some of those drying racks! Headed home. Had an awesome time! Xo

  20. I see so many interesting things. I would go straight to the old books to see what they are! Sweet hugs, Diane

  21. Wow ~ such great stuff!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  22. Oh my goodness! I want one of everything right now! This place would be heaven to me! Kyla @ Kyla @ HouseOfHipsters

  23. Good heavens, it is good I live too far away to attend. I would need a semi-trailer to haul everything home. Incredible!

  24. I just saw about 25 things I would love to take home! What a great sale - you found a few treasures. The stamp is great! xo Karen

  25. WOWIE! What a barn sale! Gorgeous pieces... what fun that must be... and on the third day!

    I'd be thrilled if you joined my "Let's Talk Vintage" link party today...your barn sale pics would be great to feature next week!


  26. What a great sale! Loved the bird mansion and yes...I can sooo see signs out of those drying racks, that was a great buy!


  27. Wow!! So many fantastic things!!

  28. What a find. Love the bird mansion.
    Thanks for sharing
    Lots of blessings from South Africa


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