Friday, November 14, 2014

My Mom's Jeweled Creations

Where did the week go?  Wow, this one really got away from me.  I've been so busy with non blog-worthy projects this week because the house needed my attention, so all the junkin' projects and other fun stuff had to be put on the back burner.

Last weekend I was a vendor at an out of town craft show and I'm still playing catch up from being gone for several days.  As always, this show was a big success and the best part was being able to spend time visiting with my mom because she had the table right next to me.  I wish I had more pictures to show you, but it got crazy busy immediately after they opened the doors on Friday afternoon.  That's a good thing!!

Christmas trees with vintage jewelry
I wish I could take credit for these beautiful jeweled trees and wreaths, but my sweet mom is the one responsible for bringing them to life.  It was no surprise that both of these trees and another one sold the first day of the show.  She also sells her handmade quilts, purses, dolls, and pillows.  My mom is 84 years young and still manages to get out there almost every weekend for some serious treasure hunting. 

You should see these sparkle when the light hits them just right.

wreath made from vintage jewelry
She also makes these beautiful jeweled wreaths.  I was eyeing that pretty silver pin hanging in the center and was tempted to pluck it right off.

Two more beautiful wreaths I sold for her last year at Noel Vintage Holiday Market.

wreath made with vintage jewelry
This is a jeweled wreath I made many years ago, long before I was using bits and pieces of old jewelry to make new jewelry.  I first posted about it here in December 2011.  Every holiday season I bring it out and display it in the center of this large chippy old window that hangs on a wall in my family room.

Here's a lone picture of my jewelry table.  It pretty much looks the same every year, but why change something that's working?  I have to go vertical in order to maximize the display area of a 6' table, but since we have to sit stand (who has time to sit) behind our tables, I always go vertical on the sides so I can still see and talk to my customers. 
craft show jewelry display
  I'm going to be a busy jewelry maker and silverware stamper because my next show is coming up in just a few weeks.  

Have a great weekend and please stay warm in your neck of the woods.

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