Friday, August 14, 2015

Quickie Projects

Happy Friday everyone!  Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?  I'm looking forward to spending the next few days with family and friends. We have a list of yard sales started already, so hopefully this will be a good junkin' weekend too.  I wanted to share a few of the treasures I found at a flea market recently and the quickie makeovers I gave them.

Flea Market Finds and Quickie Projects
 I couldn't believe my luck when I spotted two sets of rusty metal drawers in the same booth.  I know just what I want to do with the tart tins and the perfectly rusted folding fence in the background. The pewter vase and trophy cup are good-to-go just the way they are.  

Flea market finds quickie projects, stenciled metal drawers
  The metal drawers needed a little something extra, so I stenciled a number on the front of each drawer with black acrylic paint, then sprayed them with two coats of matte sealer. I did the same thing to another set of metal drawers a couple of years ago. You can see that post here.

Flea market finds, stamped metal drawers
 For this set of drawers, I borrowed an idea from the very clever Donna from Distressed Donna Down Home. Check out what she did here with some chick feeders, a little paint, and some cute stamps. I love a quick fix!

Updated flea market finds. Stamped and stenciled metal drawers and tins from
Why stop at painting and numbering just four drawers?  I slapped some paint on these old mini loaf pans and stamped them too.

Updated flea market finds from
 Perfect for all kinds of misc. junk and buttons.

Happy weekend to you!!!
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  1. Those metal drawers are an excellent find. Love the numbers on them, but best of all is the size...perfect! Checked out Distressed Donna's, the stamped chicks on the feeders are so cute. Got to rummage around...I think I have some of those mini loaf tins. Really like the swoosh of white behind the stenciling. Have a lovely week~~~Mickie.

  2. Eek! The loaf pans are a revelation to me! Somehow the paint and stencils turned them into something fabulous. You are the cleverest!

  3. Did you brush paint on the stamps? Or is it ink? Love the idea!

  4. What a great and simple Idea! I love it!


  5. I love how those turned out, Betsy...great finds!!

  6. Love these - a great way to organize! These could work in any room!

  7. Like the drawers and looking forward to the tart tins.
    Its so good to be back! I've not been on holiday, just an awful flu. In August!

  8. Great finds, Betsy! Numbers look always good on drawers but I'm a numbers lover anyway. The loaf pans are very pretty too.
    Enjoy your weekend with friends and family and have fun junkin' :)!

  9. What a great update with just some great numbers! Great idea to use the loaf pans but then your cleverness always amazes me!

  10. The loaf pans are fabulous. Betsy you are so creative. Happy week end.

  11. The loaf pans are great and I love the idea of paint and then stamp!

  12. I want to see what you are doing with the tart tins! PS--my mom LOVED the Pepper shaker necklace that I bought from your Etsy shop!!

  13. Those sets of drawers are a great score and love your up-cycle!

  14. Betsy I love your creations! Amazing! Jo

  15. Betsy,
    No matter where the idea comes from (the white swoosh) your own personal touch always sets what you do above.

  16. You must the the most productive and creative person ever! What great ideas!

  17. They are amazing - great finds!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  18. Those shallow drawers are great for storing jewelry making supplies.
    Hope you enjoyed the weekend.

  19. Fun finds!! Love the added words and numbers...too cute!

  20. I want everything you do - seriously - every time you do something - I WANT it !

  21. Love this idea! Thank you for sharing.


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