Friday, January 22, 2016

Create a Cozy Dog Bed with a Ready-Made Crate

I was so excited when my son and his girlfriend asked me to make a dog bed for their new puppy, Hudson. Actually, I was more excited about the puppy than the bed, but after we started exchanging ideas on what they wanted, I knew it would be an easy project.

How to make a custom dog bed with a wooden crate and a stencil
I didn't have time to make the bed from scratch, so this ready-made crate purchased at the craft store was the next best thing. I've seen similar versions on Pinterest that were made from old crates and pallets, but this was the quickest way to go for me.

use a ready made crate to make a dog bed
After removing the top two slats, I sanded the whole thing down so it was as smooth as a puppy's belly. I painted it light gray and created a custom stencil with my Silhouette.

use craft store wooden knobs as legs for a dog bed
I added bolts to the legs, drilled holes in the bottom of the crate, then glued 'em in. Gluing them directly to the crate would have been good enough, but I wanted a little more stability.

make a custom sign for your dog food with stencils
I made him a sign from one of the slats just in case he has trouble locating his food. Yeah, right. 

custom dog bed made from a wooden crate
All ready for my new granddog.

Meet Hudson.....
make a custom dog bed with stencils and a wooden crate
He's 8 weeks old and the sweetest little English Cream Long Haired Miniature Dachshund.
So far, so good. He gave me a paws-up!

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  1. Oh my gosh! Hudson is SO cute!! A little heartstealer! Love his new digs, too!

  2. Hudson is such a sweetheart! I bet he loves his bed, he sure looks adorable in it!


  3. Aaaaaah! *klunk* Just fainted from the cuteness. Adorable bed and what a puppy face!

  4. Hudson is adorable!! My mother-in-law has a Dacshund...very sweet dogs.

  5. Oh, how sweet! I love him! And the cute little bed! So darling! xx Karen

  6. Hi Betsy, Hudson is a cutie and his dog bed turned out beautiful. I guess he will soon be found on the couch though, lol. Have fun playing with you granddog and have a wonderful weekend :)!

  7. Love the little dog bed you've made and the dog is pretty cute too!

  8. So cute! That darling Hudson will be sleeping in style.

  9. Oh Betsy, he is the most adorable thing ever! And so is his bed!

  10. Hi Betsy,
    How adorable!!! My daughter got a short hair little dachshund a little less than a year ago. They are the sweetest grand dogs ever! Hudson is an adorable addition to your family. Love your little bed you made for him too.
    Have a great week end.

  11. What a great idea for such an adorable puppy. Hudson looks very happy in his new bed.

  12. that is so cute, I should make one for my cat. I can get those crates at michaels and use my coupon (of course!)

  13. What a cutie pie! My dogs name is Hudson too!

  14. Who would'nt crack for a sweet face like that? The bed looks great, but I almost love the food sign better :) My man did something comparable for his cat a few years ago. Just the name with a big arrow pointing down towards the bowls, kind of primitive but I was on the floor when I first saw it.

  15. He is adorable! What a cute dog bed!!

  16. Look at that face!!! Hudson is such a cutie! I love the dog bed and obviously Hudson does, too! Great job!!!

  17. Your new grand-dog is adorable! I'm guessing he loves you and his cozy little bed. I'm impressed that he is reading already. A prodigy!

  18. What a cutie! I wonder if our kitten, Ollie would like something like this too. Great idea.


  19. What an adorable bed for an absolutely adorable puppy! If I ever get another dog (we already have 4), that is exactly the breed I want. I saw one at the Humane Society a few years ago, and fell in love with them!

  20. Well, Hudson is a cutie-patootie, alright! Good thing he won't get much bigger or you'd have to make a bigger bed real soon! What a great use of the crate. I might have to make one for my cat.

  21. Betsy,
    I have one statement to make about your cut dog bed...there is no way that darling animal will not end up in your bed every night!

  22. Betsy, this time I have to oh and aaah over the dog first....Oh, what a cutie! The dog bed is just perfect...What a lucky dog!


  23. Hudson is adorable and what a cut bed for him.

  24. Betsy,

    Look at that face! Hudson is so cute. Great job on the diy dog bed.


  25. The dog bed looks great. And that sweet Hudson is too cute.

  26. A cute home for Hudson who is adorable!

  27. I have been puppy sitting my son's baby Rottie here and there since Christmas so I just love your Hudson post!!! :)

  28. I have a crate and my daughter is hoping to get a mini dachshund for her birthday. So, I might just have a reason to make a little bed.

    Thanks for Sharing Your Cup!

  29. Oh my! How adorable is he? Love his new bed! I Hope you can stop by:


  30. What a cutie, oh my goodness...cute, cute, cute! Love the dog bed too!


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