Friday, March 18, 2016

Hot Coffee Now Open 6-3

If you need a hot coffee fix between the hours of 6am-3pm, you've come to the right place. Just follow the arrow 
down the hall to the left, then let your nose be the guide.
stenciled hot coffee sign with Old Sign Stencils
I knew this old carrying case lid would be a good candidate for a rustic looking sign, so I went right to my stencil stash and pulled out a couple of Old Sign Stencils from Funky Junk Interiors.

repurposed carrying case lid
This is the lid of the very heavy and grungy looking carrying case I started with.

Turn an old carrying case lid into a hot coffee sign
The lid was painted with a thin coat of black acrylic paint, then stenciled with white acrylic paint for an old chalkboard look. I was careful not to cover up the rusty corners or hinges.

repurposed carrying case lid turned into an advertising sign
I used a combination of three different Old Sign Stencils: Coffee, Antiques, and Christmas Blend Hot Cocoa.
So easy to mix and match!

how to hang a sign
The holes in the hinges were just large enough to accommodate the thick paper-covered wire.

Turn an old carrying case into a cool display
Remember the other half? You can check out my Trash to Treasure Cubbies post from last month to see what this old case used to carry.

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  1. Love it! I really like how you use every part of an item that you can!!

  2. It looks so great...I love how you used the hinges to hang it!

  3. I love the sign very much, Betsy and I'd like to order one large coffee, please. :)
    Have a happy weekend!

  4. I love how you retained the industrial look of the lid. Perfect!
    I really must check in to getting some stencils.

  5. Love your creative trash to treasure!

  6. Love your sign, love my coffee!

  7. Nothing ever gets wasted at your house. That lid as a sign is too fun!

  8. I agree -- no one would ever find any "treasures" in your trash -- you find such wonderful uses for everything!

  9. I'll never look at a carrying case/suitcase lid the same again. What vision you have! I love the "chalkboard" look... great job on the other half of the case, too!

  10. This one is just right for me. I'm a morning person and always looking for an early morning coffee fix :-)

  11. YOU are so COOL. I am kinda freaking out with how much I adore this one!

  12. Really do like this sign! Very different piece~


  13. Never would have thunk of it myself lol Great idea and even greater sign! xoKathleen

  14. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this!!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  15. How sweet this is and to use both pieces so differently. Love them both!

  16. Hi Betsy! Just popping back in to say thanks so much for sharing your fabulous sign at Vintage Charm.


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