Friday, April 15, 2016

Fleurs Garden Tote and a Tiny Sign

Flowers, flowers, and more flowers! That's what I've had on my mind lately, and when I throw a little rustic metal in the mix, I'm as happy as a family of aphids on my rose bushes. That's another story.

decorate a garden tote with wood slices - create a new sign with an old tool
I'm kind of loving the contrast between the white and lavender blooms, the rustic metal tote, and the wood slice letters.  Playing in the garden and playing with a few yard sale finds is always a fun way to spend a spring afternoon.

vintage concrete edger and a galvanized garden tote
The galvanized tote has obviously been around for ages, but all it needed was a good cleaning and a little update. The concrete edger is the smallest one I've ever seen. So cute and just 4" wide.

stamped wood slices for a garden tote
I used six 1-1/2" wood slices (*affiliate link) for the letters, then stamped each slice using a decorative alphabet rubber stamp set.

small wood slice magnet
I glued a 6mm magnet (*affiliate link) to the back of each wood slice.  These magnets are small, but they sure are strong!

add character to a galvanized flower tote with stamped wood slices
I like the idea of being able to remove the wood slices so they can be used anywhere. Ha! I just noticed that the S looks more like a $.  FLEUR$ works for me.

use vintage jewels to create a unique sign with an old concrete tool
The tiny old concrete edger is enjoying retirement in my HOME. A few vintage jewels and a little (very little) E6000 glue was all it needed.  

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