Friday, April 29, 2016

Make a Tea Light Holder from a Pulley and Scrap Wood

Most of you know by now that I love rusty stuff. I love it a lot! I don't always have an immediate plan for the rusty bits and pieces I bring home, but it's good to know that when inspiration strikes I can always rely on my rusty junk treasure box.

repurposed rusty hinge and scrap lumber tea light holder
I had a rusty pulley/*battery powered tea light moment while I was searching for a board to use in another project. I think these pieces were all meant to be together.

antique rusty pulley
I put on a mask and cleaned up the cast iron pulley with #0000 steel wool, then sprayed it with clear matte acrylic sealer. I love rust, but I don't love rust all over my hands. Before attaching the pulley to the scrap wood, I doubled a long piece of twine and threaded it around the wheel and through the back. Unfortunately, the wheel no longer turns

green glass jar tea light holder
The green glass jar was 50% off at Michaels - a grand total of $1.50. I added some shredded paper for a little texture and lift, then added a battery-powered flameless LED tea light. *

add a rusty pulley to scrap wood
The pulley was attached with two screws, then I filled in the extra space on top with an old hinge. 

repurpose a rusty pulley and scrap lumber into an LED tea light holder
Right now it's perfect as a night light in a guest bedroom. Maybe one of these days it will work its way out to my yard and I'll replace the *battery powered tea light holder with a hanging plant.

*Use flameless battery powered LED light only.

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