Friday, May 6, 2016

How to Create a Bouquet with Aluminum Light Reflectors

Who remembers Christmas tree aluminum light reflectors? I was always fascinated with these delicate star-shaped and flower-shaped aluminum reflectors and how they made our tree lights and outdoor lights sparkle. 
Repurposed Christmas tree aluminum light reflectors
I'm not sure how safe the vintage reflectors are with their cardboard centers, but it's safe to say they make a fine looking bouquet.
So easy to care for and guaranteed to never die. Never ever!

How to make flowers with vintage aluminum light reflectors and buttons
The first step was to match up the reflectors with coordinating buttons, jewelry, a few yo-yo quilt pieces, faux flower parts, and daisy trim. The reflectors were part of a package of vintage goodies that Kathy from Kluless sent to me in December.

turn Christmas tree light reflectors into flowers
I attached all the bits and pieces with Tacky Glue.

supplies needed for aluminum light reflector flowers
To make the stems, I cut 22" lengths of  22g floral wire. I bent each piece in half creating a wand on one end (good for blowing bubbles), then wrapped the doubled wire with floral tape. No need to twist the wire because the floral tape holds it together.

how to make flowers from aluminum tree light reflectors
 I knew the naked wire wands would be difficult to glue directly to the reflectors, so I cut out a bunch of felt circles, sandwiched the wands between two circles, then glued them together with hot glue. You know how hot glue loves felt.

how to repurpose aluminum tree light reflectors
Finally, I glued the lollipops to the back of the reflectors with more hot glue.
I'm sure I could have figured out an easier way to do this because the whole wand and lollipop process took a little extra time, but it made the flowers much neater looking from the back and it made them much more stable too. They got kind of heavy.
Next time I'll make it real simple. Next time I'm making magnets.

upcycled aluminum Christmas tree light reflector flowers
Perfect for Mother's Day and every day!

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