Friday, May 13, 2016

Rustic Signs Made from an Old Crate

Signs are always a big hit at my vintage shows and I love making them out of rustic wood or unusual salvaged junk. These three signs have two things in common: they're all stenciled with Funky Junk Interiors Old Sign Stencils from the *Getaway Collection, and they're all made from the wood of a salvaged crate. I found an old crate at a yard sale for next to nothing because half the bottom was missing and the rest of it was falling apart. I knew just what I wanted to do with the wood after I easily disassembled it.
Bed & Breakfast rustic stenciled sign
I white-washed one of the long sides and stenciled it with Bed & Breakfast.  A perfect fit!

Bed & Breakfast stenciled sign on an old crate with skeleton key
It needed a little something extra, so I added a skeleton key and a number 19 room tag. 

Cabins hanging sign stenciled on the side of an old crate
One of the short sides points the way to the CABINS. The stencil doesn't have an S on the end, but it was easy to add using another stencil from the collection. I love mixing and matching!

Make a hanging sign from the side of an old crate
To give CABINS more dimension, I shadowed the letters with light gray paint several hours after my last cup of coffee. The more holes the better. Ha, I should have popped out that knot in the I.

Make a hanging Beach House sign with the side of an old crate
Beach House was stenciled on the salvaged half of the crate bottom after I painted it with a light coat of AS Duck Egg Chalk Paint. Don't you love those jagged edges? They remind me of driftwood. 

faux driftwood Beach House sign with starfish and skeleton key
Instead of attaching hooks and a chain to this one, I simply stapled a piece of rope to the back for a beachy look. Every beach house needs an old skeleton key and a little starfish for good luck.

rustic hanging signs made out of an old crate

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*The Getaway Collection stencils were provided to me from Old Sign Stencils, but opinions are always my own.

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  1. Oh Betsy, I love them, especially the Beach House sign. :)

  2. So weathered and perfect, Betsy! LOVE them! You're giving me more inspiration to get busy! :)

  3. These look great, Betsy...a great reason not to pass up a broken crate! Love how you hang them with a chain, decorative!

  4. I'm sure these lovely signs will sell fast at your next show, Betsy. They are all beautiful but the color and the jagged edges make the Beach House one my favorite. Now I just need the suitable beach house ;).

  5. Love these Betsy. My favorite is the bed and breakfast with the key. So cute.
    I am sure they will sell fast.
    Have a great week end.

  6. You are right about the ragged edges on the beach house sign - perfect! I have a small pile of little furniture pieces accumulated on my patio and need to get busy with the paint brush.

  7. Love all the signs Betsy, but the Beach House has to be my favorite also. One of these days maybe I'll live by the ocean again!!

  8. Betsy, will you share how you get such neat lines using a stencil with no bleed through and what you used for transparent lettering paint. That is different from what we usually see and I like the look.

    1. Thanks for asking Ginene. I use a VERY dry brush when I stencil so there's really no way for the paint to bleed through. Start with less than what you think you'll need, then add more if needed. For the shadowing, I mixed black and white acrylic paint to get a light gray, then hand painted it around the letters where natural shadows would fall. I used a very thin, very small brush for this step. Hope this helps.

  9. I love them all Betsy, but as one with a passion for the beach -- you must guess my favorite!

  10. Great signs, Betsy! I think I have an old crate in my garage. I know just what I need to do with it now!

  11. Love the signs! I have to remember to not pass by the crates that are missing a board. They make great signs! Thank you for the inspiration.

    xo Dianne

  12. Too much fun---I want a sign thats says Free Weeds! Pick, Sandi

  13. Our BEACH sign was just too small and I need to make another one. It's a gloomy day so I might just be using your signs as inspiration today.

  14. Betsy,
    Love the signs! They look great! Thanks so much for visiting!!

  15. I'm crushing on your Bed & Breakfast sign, the numbered key on the side is a lovely touch!

  16. Oh I love the rustic signs Betsy. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  17. Love all of them, but my favorite is the Bed & Breakfast sign.

  18. These are wonderful! I'm a "weathered wood" junkie. I scan curbs on trash day like a drug addict looking for their next fix lol.

  19. The new life of an old crate! I just love the key addition to the B&B sign - it is so atmospheric! Saw your reply to a question about how you did the shadowing - it looks so good and want to try it.

  20. Those signs are great, Betsy. The keys are the perfect finishing touch.

  21. Betsy I'm in love with all your signs! The key and number you added to the B&B sign adds a lot of charm.
    Julie @ Love My Simple Home

  22. I love that these are from an old crate! Very sweet!


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