Thursday, May 26, 2016

Trash to Treasure Cast Iron Garden Planters

I came across a really interesting booth while shopping at an antique show last month. The entire booth was packed full of junky junk that was spread out on the ground from one end of the space to the other. Most of it was nearly impossible to identify. My kind of junk!
garden planters made from rusty old cast iron post bases

When I can't identify an object I always try to ask about it. Sometimes I get a straight and knowledgeable answer and sometimes I get that "how should I know" look. The dealer had no idea what these were, but I didn't care. I just knew they'd be perfect as garden planters.

vintage cast iron post bases
How could I not bring them home? Spider webs and all.
Thanks to a knowledgeable shopper standing next to me, he identified them as cast iron post bases, most likely from a fence post. The one on the right is upside down.

repurposed cast iron post bases used as flower pots
Look at that fabulous patina!
These are only about 4" square and heavy enough so they can't blow off the ledge into the pool.

turn a rusty old cast iron post base into a tea light holder
Then I had another idea.
Right-side up cast iron post bases make pretty cool tea light holders.

battery operated LED tea light
I already had a few glass votive holders and battery-powered flameless LED tea lights, so I thought I'd give them a try. A perfect fit and a perfect solution outdoors on a windy day.

Repurposed cast iron post bases as garden planters and tea light holders

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