Thursday, August 25, 2016

How to Give Outdated Frames a Fresh New Look

It's been a busy month around here as I try to cross things off of my must-do list, but I'm still trying to squeeze in some want-to-do projects for a vintage and antique show in just a few weeks. I get on a roll first thing in the morning while the garage is still somewhat comfortable to work in, then move the factory inside when the early afternoon heat turns it into a sauna.

Display vintage jewels and buttons in updated frames.
These updated frames with vintage jewels and burlap were a quick and easy project completed in the comfort of my air conditioned craft room fort. 

Four outdated vintage frames before update
I bought these beat up and outdated frames at a yard sale several months ago. My original plan was to clean them up, give them a fresh coat of paint, then resell them without doing anything more. Then I had a better idea.

cover cardboard with burlap for displaying vintage jewelry and buttons.
The frames are deep for their small size and resemble shadow boxes, so I decided to use them to show off some vintage jewels and buttons. I used Mod Podge to attach one big piece of burlap to one big piece of cardboard. When the Mod Podge dried, I cut four separate pieces to size. This method was a whole lot easier than doing one piece at a time. The filigrees, buttons, and jewels were attached to the burlap with Tacky Glue.

framed rhinestone and pearl brooch
Rhinestone and pearl brooch.

framed vintage earring, button, and decorative filigree.
Mother of pearl button with rhinestone and pearl earring.

framed vintage button
Rhinestone and pearl button.

framed vintage rhinestone earring and button
Mother of pearl button and vintage rhinestone earring.

Updated vintage frames for displaying vintage jewels
All four burlap and bling frames will be coming with me to the Downtown Tracy Vintage & Antique Street Faire on September 17.

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  1. Beautiful! I think this is the first time I heard you say you used tacky glue instead of E6000. Does the E6000 not work on burlap?

    1. E6000 works great on burlap, but I used Tacky Glue because I was working indoors. Both are good, but E6000 is always my first choice with good ventilation.

  2. And I know that those cute frames will sell out right away!

  3. These are awfully pretty, Betsy. And I love that it is in the buyer's best interest to get all fur!

  4. These are so cute! Love the burlap and jewels!

  5. Great idea, Betsy! The frames turned out just beautiful and I'm sure they will sell fast.
    Have a happy weekend! :)
    xo Julia

  6. Charming! The frames are really nice ♥

  7. These turned out so cute, Betsy...sure transformed the old frames, too!

  8. Great idea! What price will you ask for them? Just curious. I might try some to sell at a Christmas Bazaar.

  9. I love these, Betsy - bet they sell first thing! Good luck at the show! x Karen

  10. Very sweet! I wish I could stroll around that show!!

  11. Love your upcycling Betsy, the frames looks so much better painted white, and what a creative way to show some bling.

  12. Betsy, I love the frames! WOW. And I do love me some bling!!!! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  13. Betsy, these are so pretty! I love this idea.

    xo Dianne

  14. What a great way to dress up the frames and display the buttons and jewels, Betsy - love them!


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