Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Repurposed Antique Stereoscope

I bought this antique stereoscope (View-Master predecessor) at a yard sale a few years ago along with a box of stereoscope cards. Most of the cards sold right away, but the stereoscope just wouldn't budge. Silly me, I thought a missing card holder and broken handle wouldn't matter to a collector or to someone who thought it was as cool as I did. Wrong! 

antique stereoscope and card
After collecting enough dust to make visibility through the lenses almost impossible, I decided it was time for another look.

Upcycled antique stereoscope used as a plant and picture holder
Missing parts and all, it still had potential.

upcycled stereoscope used as a hanging planter and picture holder
I attached a small hook to the back, lined the inside with a piece of heavy-duty aluminum foil to catch the drips, then tucked the photo behind the pot. Hmm. Maybe a faux plant would have been a better idea.

antique stereoscope handle embellished with old buttons and filigrees
I couldn't resist adding a little sparkle to the handle with a couple of vintage buttons and antiqued silver filigrees.

upcycled antique stereoscope

Repurposed antique stereoscope plant and picture holder
Perfect for holding a tiny planted pot and a sweet photo of ballerinas from The Graphics Fairy.
I'm happy to say that the stereoscope can still be used for viewing old cards. Not that I'll be doing that, but ya never know:-)

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