Thursday, October 6, 2016

How to Create a Cloche with Old Junk

Is it really October already? Anyone else having a hard time adjusting to these shorter days? This is actually my favorite time of the year, but this year seems to be crazier than normal. I've been busy preparing for my vintage show this weekend, and I've also been putting in a lot of time and effort toward our decluttering/downsizing goal.

When I posted about the first round of our decluttering process a few weeks ago, I showed a picture of some dishes and a large glass vase in a basket. I had second thoughts about donating or selling the vase when I discovered it might just make a cool cloche if I could find the right base.

create a unique cloche with a vintage floor lamp base and a large glass vase
Score! I found the perfect base right in my own cluttered garage. I actually found three of them once
 I started digging, but this one was just the right size.

How to create a unique cloche from miscellaneous vintage parts.
The main ingredients: A heavy and chippy old floor lamp base, large glass vase, glass drawer knob, and a tarnished silver plate.

Turn a heavy vintage floor lamp base into a base for a cloche.
The rim of the vase is a perfect fit between the on/off switch and the decorative ledge.

Use a vintage glass drawer knob as a cloche topper.
To make the top look more cloche-like, I attached a vintage glass drawer knob with a dab of E6000 glue. 

Vintage lamp parts picture holder displayed in a unique cloche.
I printed out a cute vintage-inspired postcard from The Graphics Fairy to use in one of my magnetic card holders. After Halloween, it will be so simple to just change out the card for Thanksgiving. Better yet, I think I'll fill the cloche with baby pumpkins and gourds!

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