Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Antique Show Projects

I wanted to share a few completed projects I brought along to the Pleasanton Antique Show on Sunday.  It was a little cool and windy when I arrived at 3:30am to start setting up, but it turned out to be a perfect day once the sun and shoppers came out later in the morning.  I was working solo again and didn't have a chance to get out to explore, but my garage thanked me for not returning home with more than I started with.

antique show vintage typewriter
This is the metal cabinet I bought at a parking lot sale a few weeks ago; it was one of the first things that sold.  I gave it a quick face lift by adding some numbers I cut out with my Silhouette.  The typewriter had been living with me for the last few years, but I decided to pass it along to someone else when I bought another one at the same parking lot sale.  It found a happy new home too.

repurposed hardware upcycled jewelry
This is one of several old clipboard displays I made with pages from some antique fashion magazines and matte Mod Podge.  I think they're better suited for larger and bolder necklaces like this one made from a faucet handle.  The black and white images are a little distracting and some of my lighter necklaces were getting lost.

More recent yard sales finds.  The shelf got a coat of Duck Egg Chalk Paint and a single row of rhinestones along the rim of the top shelf.  Doesn't every shelf deserve rhinestones?  I covered the little can with a image from The Graphics Fairy and the rusty lid got a few rhinestones too.  The hole was already in the top, so it makes a perfect twine dispenser.

DIY repurposed shells
Nesting shells.
 I made up some more jeweled abalone shells from the stash I found at a sale last month.

abalone shells sea shells decorated with vintage jewelry
This one has to be the smallest abalone shell I've ever seen.

sea shells decorated with vintage jewels
The ring gives you an idea of just how tiny it is.

decorated abalone sea shells with vintage jewels
Baby is still with me; the other two found new homes.

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

I can't believe Memorial Day weekend is already here.  It's been quite a bit cooler than normal around here the last few days, but that's fine with me because I don't get along well with the heat here in the valley.  I have another antique show scheduled for Sunday in Pleasanton and I'm hoping this cooler weather will make the day more comfortable bring out tons of happy shoppers.  What's on your agenda for this summer kick-off weekend?

A day at the beach?
Source: blisstree.com

Attending a graduation?
Source: Fashion Doll Guide

Going camping?
Source:  Mt. Rainier, Old Picture.com

Spending time with your best friend?
Source: Yahoo Images

Are you having a barbecue?
Source:  Tipnut, father/son aprons

Or just relaxing?
Source:  Centsationalgirl

Don't forget the reason for the celebration!!
Source: vintageamerican.com

Source: Huffington Post

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Antique Hair Brush Transformation

I really don't recall where I found this antique brush frame or how long I've had it, but I'm sure I picked it up for next to nothing at a flea market or yard sale. I wanted to create another decorated picture frame similar to the one in my header and in this post from February.

I didn't have another tin type available or an antique picture that would fit, so I started looking through my stack of antique fashion magazines.

The main ingredients:  an ornate antique brush frame, vintage clip on earring, strand of pearls, and a picture from The Designer Magazine, April 1911.  One coat of matte Mod Podge with a little water was used to attach the picture to the cardboard.

The pearls, lace, and rhinestones were all glued in place with Aleene's clear gel Tacky Glue.  For a stronger hold, I used E6000 to attach the vintage earring.  I punched two small holes in the top of the frame and attached the chain with wrapped headpins.

We had a little accident while I was attaching the chain to the top of the frame.  I dropped my jewelry pliers on her lapel and they gave her a nasty little cut.  Good thing they didn't land a little higher because she'd look pretty strange with a rhinestone in the middle of her face.  

I think she's happy all dressed up in her fancy new hat and jewelry.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Not Just a Rusty Old Milk Crate

This rusty old Borden's milk crate has been hanging out next to my potting bench for too long. Its only job so far has been to hold some small empty pots, so it was time for a promotion. 

I found an old board and pulled out the large roll of jute webbing I bought at an estate sale a few weeks ago for $1.00.

The crate was rusty and dirty, but full of potential.

So what do you do with all these ingredients?

Make a footstool of course.

I cut off a piece of wood from an old shelf that was no longer being used, then cut a piece of muslin 2" larger than the board and a piece of batting about 1" larger than the board. 

Then I wrapped it around the board and secured it with 1/2" staples.

I wove six 18" strips of the old jute webbing, wrapped it around to the back and stapled it again.

After putting it all together, the muslin showed through in a few spots and looked too white.  I know it seems minor, but you know how these things can drive you crazy.  I removed the staples and added a piece of burlap between the muslin and webbing; now the gaps are much less noticeable.

To secure the two pieces, screws and washers were screwed into the bottom of the board from the inside of the crate bottom.

I sprayed the entire crate inside and out with two coats of matte acrylic sealer so it can also be used in a casual indoor setting.

Time to move the tray, put my feet up, and relax awhile.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Morning Junking Finds

Saturday morning I headed to the next town over for a few sales that looked much more promising than what was offered around here.  Oh yes, it was well worth the extra time and gas.  One parking lot sale and about six yard sales later......

First stop was an annual sale in an antique mall parking lot.  There were only a few vendors, so I think I ended up buying something from each of them.

Another typewriter score!  Yep, this was the third one in just over a week and it wasn't full of hair and dust like the last one.

It works like a charm and has glass inserts on the side.  This one is now proudly displayed on an old cabinet in my living room.

I bought this awesome stack of metal drawers from the same vendor.  I've already added numbers 1-8 to the front of each drawer.  

Love the chippy green paint (with one blue arm) on this folding metal chair.  A set of three cross stitch pictures, mason jar chicken feeder, the journal from my last post, and that crazy 1950s Oster vibrator massage thingie.

The $1.00 price tag made it well worth the laughs I got out of it.

If this is a "junior" I'd hate to see the full scale version; it weighs half a ton.  
Be afraid, be very afraid!

I can't imaging letting this anywhere near my face.  Wouldn't those coils get tangled
 up in your hair?

It even massages your gums if it doesn't electrocute you first.  

Rusty green folding newspaper/magazine stand.

I adore this sweet photo of the children in front of their school house.  There's always one spoiler in every group.  Look at the boy in the bottom left corner; I think he's the reason why Mr. Principal looks so angry.

The old dough/bread board and a yellow step stool were from the last garage sale stop of the morning.  The rusty old orange and yellow tractor part and the DeSoto hubcap make me just as happy as the 

vintage floral fabric and jar of sewing goodies.  It was definitely one extreme to the other.
Hope you found some treasures too....old or new.

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