Sunday, September 30, 2012

Repurposed Towel Bar

Q. When is a towel bar not a towel bar?

A. When it's used to display necklaces.  Well, maybe not.
I bought this pretty towel bar at an antique shop in Sonora a couple of months ago thinking I'd use it to display my flat back marble necklaces.  Unfortunately it's a little too short for the job and I'm not about to shorten all these necklaces.

Q. When is a necklace display not a necklace display?

A. When it becomes a picture holder.

The 7 pack of clips was purchased at OSH (Orchard Supply Hardware) for just a few dollars.

I didn't need to bend the hook because the end of the towel bar screwed off and the hook slipped right on.  Hmm, this guy isn't bad looking, too bad I can't claim him as a relative.

Finally, something that works!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Weekend Roundup of Treasures

There weren't too many interesting sounding yard sales around here last weekend, but I took my chances and headed out anyway.  With two more big shows coming up in the next couple of weeks, I-need-inventory!  I had about ten sales on my list, but found most everything here at one of them.  Don't you love it when one sale saves the day?

The awesome 32" high birdcage, windows (yes there were two), urn, chandelier, metal canister, and decoy were all found at the same sale; good think I arrived just as they were opening their garage door.  The lantern will become a vase and I think the wire basket will be good for holding linens.

The close up of the top of the birdcage shows off all its fabulous patina.  That thingie wrapped around the top is actually a necklace with tiny coil wires.  Interesting, but too far gone even for this repurposer.  You never know.

Oops.  Always make sure glass has a soft place to land if you have it propped up for a photo shoot.  Who put that rock there?

The chandelier will be getting a paint job along with that agricultural elevator bucket hiding on the right.

 I'll be keeping this 18" tall urn.  

My heart skipped a few beats when I spotted these.  Fifty five fabulous skeleton keys all in one place, including the mirrored dresser tray.

I had to have this old decoy even though it's not wood.  Look at it eyeing my keys.

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Junk to Jewelry

It's been a while since I posted about my junk to jewelry creations, but I've been working away on something pretty much on a daily basis.  With several shows lined up over the next couple of months, this one woman factory has no time for slacking.  These are some pieces I've been working on.....

More keyhole, watch face, and charm necklaces.

I was so excited to find several more of these keyhole plates made out of wood on my last shopping trip to the Alameda Point Antiques Faire.  I've been decorating the zinc hearts I bought in Sonora with vintage bits and pieces. 

I'm still working on earrings from the pile of vintage watch faces I found in Alameda. 

 I always like finding matching watch faces, but as long as the size and shape is similar, that works for me.

A single vintage clip on earring is now the focal point of this asymmetrical necklace.
How would you hear with that big earring attached to your ear?

I thought I could get more mileage out of the other earring by taking it apart one little flower at a time.

Nineteen flowers = nine pairs of earrings with one flower to spare.  I'm still working on the rest of them. The earrings on the left are made with antiqued brass filigrees, salvaged rhinestones, and vintage metal shoe buttons.  

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What a Day at Mes Amis

The shoppers were out bright and early on Saturday morning for the Mes Amis Vintage Antiques Show in Roseville, Ca.  What a day!  We arrived at 3:15am and were set up and ready to go by the time shoppers started showing up before the official 8:00am opening time.  It had to be close to noon before I was ever able to sit down, but that's a good thing because I sure had a lot less to pack up at the end of a very tiring day.

I hated to see Ms. Adjust-O-Matic go, but she found a new home with a sweet lady who was going to display her in her sewing room.

All the buckets I recently embellished with labels sold.  At the end of the day I didn't have to pack up the white table, tall glass lamps, and the rusty white folding display rack.  The chippy old FLOWERS cooler I posted about last week was the first thing to go.

This was the last time my space was empty.  At least my mom took the time to sit down before the shoppers arrived.  That's her behind the table waving:-)

All the cameras, typing book, and the Royal typewriter now have new homes.
About an hour into the show I noticed four teenage boys laughing as they were typing something.  After they walked away I went to check it out, and just as I suspected, their little note was more like something you'd see on a bathroom wall.  Yep, it was quite detailed and they even left a phone number.

Some of my brooches I pinned to old black and white photographs.

All four of the chippy old wheels from an antique crib were bought by one customer; she wanted them for her collection.  Door knobs and skeleton keys always fly off the table.

Seller's remorse set in soon after all my salt and pepper shakers left.  Most of the silver is gone too and at least half of the stamped silverware.

I never got a "before" picture of the sweet pink medicine cabinet I bought in Oregon last month.  What a mess it was, but after good cleaning it was good to go.  The cabinet, crib springs, one ridge cap basket, and collapsible laundry basket are no longer with me.

Wonderful entertainment all day long from Music by Derek Thomas.

Lipstick Gypsy and their always fabulous pink vintage trailer.

Annette Eagle's beautiful necklaces.  Gorgeous!

Aren't these so much fun?  More beautiful creations by Annette.  

This is part of Sandy's beautiful space, The Olive and Rose and Mes Amis creator.  You can see part of her restored Shasta trailer on the left.

I have less than three weeks before my next show.  I'll try to remember to come up for air every once in a while:-)

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Friday, September 14, 2012

New Life for a Chippy Old Cooler

How did I forget about this rusty and chippy old cooler?  In a pathetic attempt to keep my junking finds somewhat organized, I vaguely remember bringing it home and then stashing it away with the thought of cleaning it up and doing something with it when I had more time.

I've been spending time out in the garage sorting, cleaning, and pricing some of the things I'll be bringing to Mes Amis Vintage Antique Show this weekend.

There it was in the middle of "the pile" looking just as tattered and beat up as it did when I brought it home. 

I couldn't figure out why it felt so heavy until I opened it up and discovered two more forgotten treasures inside.  I know I bought that carved box a long time ago.....I really need to change this "buy and stash" routine.  

I needed a quick way to dress it up after giving it a good cleaning.  The plants alone just didn't seem like enough, so I turned to my Silhouette Cameo for a little help; the letters are black vinyl in the David font.  I'm still a novice at using the Silhouette and really should spend more time getting better acquainted. 

It's still tattered and beat up, but at least it's clean and cute!

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