Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Some of My 2011 Favorites

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday celebration.  It was sure nice to get away for Christmas this year and enjoy this special time with family and friends.  I spent an extra two days at my mom's house so we could get in some good quality junkin' time together.  Now that I'm back home, I'm trying to get the house put back together again and prepare for another round of visitors.

With everything that's going on this week, I thought it would be a perfect time to share some of my favorite posts from 2011.  Just click on the title to bring you to the original post.  Hope you enjoy them....again.

Repurposed Yardsticks
I turned my yardstick collection and some old hooks into hanging racks

Visions of Spring Repurposed Jewelry
(most viewed)
Bits and pieces of vintage jewelry, keys, and rhinestones

New Life for a Tired Old Camera
Jewelry created from this beat up old Brownie camera

Upcycled Old Sewing Machine
How I turned this rusty old sewing machine into a necklace and bracelet

A tutorial on how to turn old linens into pretty new hangers

My grandmother's crazy quilt

Under the Sea Weekend Finds
An instant shell collection

Chalkboard Books
A tutorial on how to turn inexpensive books into little chalkboards

My vintage button collection

Repurposed Folding Rulers
(most comments)
Old folding rulers meet a salvaged cabinet door
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Friday, December 23, 2011

A Touch of Sparkle

One more day!  Are you finished with your shopping, wrapping, cleaning, cooking, decorating?   My shopping is finally finished, but wrapping is still in progress. Cleaning is on hold until next week because we're not hosting Christmas this year, and I'm still cooking up a few side dishes to share.  Decorating was the first thing I finished this year because I only put out about half of what I normally do. 

I thought I'd share a couple of jeweled Christmas decorations I made several years ago.  The tree is just a Styrofoam base that I wrapped in silver ribbon.  I used silver spray paint on my first pathetic attempt and then watched it disintegrate right before my eyes.   Oh well, the silver ribbon looks much better.  I attached bits and pieces of vintage jewelry, then filled in with loose stones and colored push pins.

This tree is usually one element of a much larger centerpiece on our Christmas dining room table.  Since I'm not hosting Christmas dinner this year, I found a new spot on a small end table to display my vintage jewelry tree.  The cloche is a recent purchase and the antique mirrored tray came from an estate sale several years ago.    

For my wreath, I wrapped the Styrofoam base in gold ribbon and used hot glue to attach the green, gold, and white jewels.  In this picture the wreath is hung on an old cast iron mirror stand.  

I took a picture of it in two different locations and finally settled on this one....
It's a perfect fit right in the center of this chippy old arched window.

I could easily become addicted to making these if I didn't use all my stray jewelry pieces for other projects.  Now I save up what I don't use in my repurposed jewelry creations and pass them on to my mom.  She's now the jeweled tree and wreath queen.  

Wishing you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS.  

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Let's Go Shopping

I really should have been working on other things and concentrating on my "to do" list on Friday instead of playing at Room With a Past in Walnut Creek. This awesome store is only open four days a month, so I had to seize the opportunity when opportunity knocked. It was my first visit to this location, and I have to say I like it even better than their sister store, Paris Flea Market in Livermore.

Love the polka dot seat on this pretty pink bike.  Too bad it wasn't parked in the right direction because the finger took me on a little detour down the street.

The entire store was packed full of vintage treasures with just the right amount
of holiday decor mixed in.

This gorgeous swag is made from book pages with sewing pattern flowers added to each end.

I knew it was time to settle in and get comfortable once I discovered these tasty treats; I can't shop on an empty stomach.  Does being on a sugar high make you spend more money?

Burlap and silver.....always a good combination.

Piles of vintage ornaments all ready to be wheeled out.

Aren't those lampshades adorable?

This 4' tall shelf with two curved drawers on the bottom spoke to me.
  It spoke very loud.

I've been looking for something narrow enough to fit in a small space in my studio.  This was perfect because it's only 11" deep.  Can't wait to get it all loaded up with goodies.

How many of us had this same house?  It sure brings back good memories. 

Now you know where to buy your angel wings.

I almost bought the large framed French map above the mantel.  Glad I passed on it because it would have been too big for the space I had in mind.

I wish I had room for this.
I wish I had room for everything.
I'm proud of myself for having so much self-control.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Invisible Vintage Holiday Towels

I hung up my sweet vintage holiday hand towels a few weeks ago and had a good laugh as I thought about the last time I saw them.  I've been hanging these "just look, don't you dare use them" towels in a corner of my laundry room/half bathroom for years.

Every December I remove the vintage towels that hang here during the year and replace them with these cross stitch towels my mom made in the early 50's.   The stitching and thread color is like new and the little rhinestone she added at the top is still holding on.  I love them just the way they are.

I wasn't laughing at the wrinkles that will not iron out.

I wasn't laughing at the stain or the stiffness from the old starch.  I was 
laughing at myself.  Questioning my sanity, or at least my eyesight.

The last time my friend Pam and her daughter Leah were here, they both commented on my pretty towels.  There was a friendly sarcasm in their comment which soon turned to laughter. They weren't laughing at the towels I usually have hanging there, they were laughing at my Merry Christmas and Happy New Year towels because....

it was March.  Not early March, but late March and way past the legal grace period for taking down holiday decorations.  I use this room every day and clean it on a regular basis (I do, I really do).  They weren't hanging there because I was procrastinating about putting them away, they were still hanging there because I never noticed them.  How scary is that?  
I asked my sons and Mr. MST about them, but they just thought I wanted them there.  After all these years they've learned not to question my decorating decisions.  

Friday, December 9, 2011

Repurposed Folding Rulers

I love it when I'm able to finish a project using only what I have in my ever-growing stash of stuff.  Is it possible to have too many folding rulers?  In my case, yes.  I had at least a dozen vintage rulers sitting around doing nothing.  Some of them were formed into various shapes including stars, but a few of them were calling out for a new life.

Repurposed folding rulers Christmas tree
'Tis the season

 This door came off of a little cabinet I picked up at a garage sale for next to nothing at least a year ago.  I seem to remember that it was the only part I was able to salvage.

The rulers were easy to cut with this coping saw, but I had to use a hacksaw for the metal ruler.

I painted the door with Duck Egg chalk paint and used a dark stain over the top.  The dark stain makes it look greener, which was the look I wanted.  A light pencil mark in the center made it easier to keep the rulers centered.

I left the ends alone on the longer pieces and rounded off the edges with sandpaper on the cut ends.

Of course, I had to top it off with a vintage rhinestone button.  It looks much more sparkly in person.

A little greenery, tiny vintage ornaments, and a rhinestone brooch add a little sparkle to the knob.

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