Sunday, October 5, 2014

Salvage Style Link Party

Welcome to the Salvage Style Link Party!!  Are ya ready to see some amazing salvaged junk? I'm thrilled to be part of the Salvage Style team for this special event, and I'm really looking forward to sharing my little slices of salvaged junk.

Thank you to everyone for stopping by to see what we're sharing for our Salvage Style event.  
If this is your first visit to My Salvaged Treasures, I hope you visit often and enjoy following along with me as I share my junking adventures, yard sale and flea market finds, repurposed treasures, and pictures of when I take it all out on the road to sell.
Nine bloggers have teamed up to show off some of their amazing salvaged creations and to bring you a Salvage Style Link Party.  Your links will show up on all nine blogs!  The party will be open for an entire week, so be sure to come back from time to time to see what's being added.

Sal-vage something extracted (as from rubbish) as valuable or useful 

You all know I love turning my stray finds into treasures, so for this Salvage Style event I decided to create a few small picture holders from bits and pieces of objects I found during my junking adventures.
Most of the junk I used to create these picture holders was fairly easy to hunt down.  I hoard save a lot of random stuff because I never know when inspiration will strike.

This picture holder wheel was created from a stray lamp part, a vintage clip-on earring, and an old pulley that I rescued from a yard sale a few months ago.  The pictures and small doily were simply taped to the back, and the vintage pocket watch face and earring were glued on.

I zapped the stray brass lamp part with metallic aluminum spray paint, roughed it up a bit, then gave the pulley a light shot of paint just to even out the two pieces.  No glue or special nuts and bolts were needed to attach the pulley to the lamp part; it sits firmly inside the base unless someone decides to play Wheel of Fortune.  Then we have a problem.

Ethel, Gertrude, Agnes, Pearl, and Wilma look right at home here.  I really have no idea who they are, but I'm sure at least 3 of the 5 names are correct.

The base is an old architectural rosette and the clip is from a vintage typewriter.

For years it was perfect for holding paper against the typewriter platen, now it's perfect for holding the girls in place.  I attached it to the rosette with a small nail on each side.

 An L bracket holds it upright.  Shame on me for not using an old bracket or rusting this
one up.

These two picture holders took only a few minutes to put together.
The bottle holds a copy of a picture of my grandmother.  I filled the bottle with a few pieces of vintage lace to hold the picture in place, then wrapped up another piece of lace to top off the bottle.  A very heavy antique iron makes a great picture holder with the help of two typewriter keys and some small magnets.

A few of my other picture holders made from salvaged bits and pieces:  a baker's tray, hinge, skate, rake, hose nozzles, fence post, camera part, garden fencing, wheel, and a car grill.  Nothing is off limits!

Now that you've seen my salvaged junk, there are eight more fabulous salvaged junk projects that you're going to love.....
Can you match the project with the Salvage Style team member?  I wasn't 100% sure on all of them, but they are ALL fabulous!!  You'll have to check them out for yourself. 

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 For more inspiration, check out our Salvage Style Pinterest Board where we've been pinning away some of our best salvaged projects.

A big thank you to Kerryanne English from Woodberry Designs for designing our Salvage Style logo.  It says it all don't you think?

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