Friday, July 31, 2015

A Can, a Stool, and a Milk and Cream Stencil

I love stencils!  Have you figured that out yet?  Once upon a time way back in the last century, I used to design, sell, teach, and do a lot of custom stenciling jobs.  I loved it for a while, but the day came when the thought of one more trip around a room with a border of country blue bows and mauve hearts was going to push me right over the edge. My stenciling brushes sat idle for years.

Milk and cream stenciled stool and milk can.
Stencils have come a long, long way since then, and I'm loving all the new old designs.  I was so excited when Angie from Knick of Time sent me her Milk and Cream Co. stencil to try out. I see so many possibilities with this stencil and all the others in her collection.

stenciled milk can and footstool
This is what I started with: A very sturdy, but not-so-pretty stool, and a scratched up old aluminum milk can.   

Milk and cream stenciled vintage milk can
The word CREAM wasn't going to fit on the can without wrapping around the side, so I simply adjusted all the letters by stenciling them closer together. I also left off THE because I thought it was getting a little crowded up there.  To get the paint to stick to the can, I had to pounce on two coats, not swirl, otherwise it would have pulled right off. The final step was to spray the can with two coats of clear semi-gloss sealer.

stenciled and transformed milking stool
After two coats of paint and a little distressing, my not-so-pretty footstool is now a milking stool!

milk and cream stencil from Knick of Time
I used a dry brush technique with black acrylic craft paint and the brush that was provided with the stencil

how to clean a stencil
Pardon the wet picture of my stencil cleaning technique in action. I have a "thing" about starting with a fresh canvas every time I re-use a stencil. It's not really a big deal if you don't clean them, but sooner or later the paint will start to build up and you'll lose the fine details.  Before the paint cures and is fused to the stencil until the end of time, I place it in the sink, run some water over it, then give it a quick wipe with one of those eraser sponge things. This took me about 30 seconds to clean!

Add charm to a plain stool and milk can with stencils.
They may say the same thing, but I think they make a pretty good team!

You can visit Knick of Time Vintage Sign and Inspirational Stencils to see the rest of Angie's
creative stencil designs.

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