Friday, July 10, 2015

A Cool Shopping Day in Alameda

I wasn't looking for anything in particular when I went out to the Alameda Antique Faire on Sunday, but the idea of spending the day surrounded by vintage treasures, good food, and good friends sounded like a great idea. It's usually at least 15 degrees cooler over there on the San Francisco Bay and always a refreshing treat to get away from the heat here in the valley. 

Let's go shopping!
pocket watch faces
It's always fun to dig through all the bits and pieces in this booth.

skeleton keys trinkets for jewelry
Lots of jewelry potential here.

vintage doorknobs
Hardware heaven.

vintage hardware display
I wouldn't mind having a version of these display boards hanging in my house.

vintage storage cubby
This metal cubby would be gorgeous all dressed up. 

wooden handmade cubby
This was once used in a church.

Beach sign
Sounds like a good idea to me.

vintage doorknobs picnic basket

hydrangeas vintage urn

vintage shopping
Cool junk overload.

greenhouse made with windows

vintage locker sign chippy paint
I love the beautiful color and crackled paint on this old locker door.

vintage luggage suitcase

chippy paint architectural salvage pillars

unusual vase
An interesting what's it filled with faded lavender.

Signs don't apply to dogs.

hand made bar with fire hydrant
These guys build some wild custom pool tables, retail displays, and bars.  Check out the fire hydrant base on this huge bar.  PlanksUSA.
custom made table bar

whimsical motorcycle creation
This was made from just about everything but the kitchen sink.  What an imagination!!

Elvis Presley and the Blues Brothers
Elvis and the Blues Brothers.

wooden cow homemade display
Cute weathered plywood cow.

rustic farmhouse desk boxes

vintage swing Navy pillows

Home Sweet Home sign
I really liked this Home Sweet Home sign, but it was the mantel in the background that really caught my eye. 

  You wouldn't believe the stuff I talked myself out of; I had so much self-control!  After almost five hours of walking and talking, here's what I brought home.
vintage finds Alameda Antique Faire
A sturdy old step stool, grain sack remnant, door hardware, six old film canisters to repurpose, and a cool chalkboard hiding in the background.

vintage prints from Alameda Antique Faire
I couldn't leave these sweet framed prints behind. I love the soft muted colors.

Mother's Day message
Signed: Your loving son, Bob and Angela.

vintage jewels for repurposing
I rounded up these old jewelry bits and pieces from about eight different dealers. The watches are missing their internal parts, but I still have a plan for them.

sterling salt and pepper shakers
Tiny salt and pepper shakers for making necklaces. Here's what I did with the last batch.

rusty turquoise Tonka truck with camper
My favorite find of the day!  Turquoise and rust, lots of rust.  I love the combination.  The camper pops right off, so this old truck will be hauling around a lot of junk.

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