Friday, October 9, 2015

A Few Street Faire Finds

I sure had a fun time last Sunday when we went out to the Lodi Street Faire for a quick look around. I really had no business out shopping for more junk because I've been desperately trying to get what I already have ready to sell this weekend. I'm a proud shopper for not hauling home a truck-load of projects!

Street Faire Finds
I forgot to get a picture of the two old windows still sitting in my back seat, but at least they won't need anything but a bath and a price tag.  The little blue chalkboards and the tarnished silver bowl are good to go; the broken clock and film canister are going to need a little help.

street faire finds vintage filing box
The 24" deep metal filing box got a quickie makeover with a paint job, stencil, grain sack stripe, and some chalkboard labels.  I just wiped it down with a damp cloth and painted right over the rust with a mixture of Pure White and Graphite AS Chalk Paint. It looks blue in these pictures, but it's actually a light gray. The drawers were painted with AS Old Ochre.  Everything was sealed with clear wax.

vintage chalkboard label metal filing cabinet
Lots of room for filing junk and stuff.

vintage flea market footstool before picture
This old footstool with metal legs is going to be a quick and easy project!

vintage rhinestone jewelry for repurposing projects
The watches and some of the clip-on earrings have already become corsage bracelets, and four of the carded buttons are now earrings.  The rest will have to wait their turn.

faux bird nests
Looky what I found in one of the drawers after I got home. I was shocked horrified for a split second until I realized they weren't alive...or dead!  I had to put my glasses on to identify them as bundled up nests and not something nesting in the drawer!

What's the most surprising thing you've discovered lurking inside something you brought home?

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