Saturday, July 17, 2010

4th of July Craft Show

I recently returned from a mini working vacation in Ashland, Oregon.  Oh, what fun! I participated in their 4th of July Craft Show in Lithia Park.  What a beautiful spot.  My good friend Pam recently relocated there and now she's going to have a hard time keeping me away. 

This was the first time I had an entire booth set up with only jewelry.  I usually have a mix of antiques and collectibles along with a table of jewelry.

My booth was in a nice shady spot under the trees.  The people next to
me were selling sure was tempting.  Fortunately, there was
no time for relaxation.  I really enjoyed meeting so many new people and
never had time for a break.

Old keys embellished with vintage earrings.

Vintage watches converted into necklaces.
You can pry open the face and add your own picture.
That's Glinda the Good Witch on the left.

Since Ashland is home of the world famous
Oregon Shakespeare Festival, I made up a few dozen Shakespeare
 related items using vintage typewriter keys and hinged picture frames.
The festival runs from February-October and has been going for 75 years now.

Lithia Park

This creek was just behind the bushes in back of my booth.
It felt so good to stick my feet in that cold water at the end of the day.
Sign me up again for next year.

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