Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mod Podge Mannequins

I'm always looking for new ways to display my jewelry and accessories.  I have two mannequins that I covered with vintage sewing patterns and another one that I covered with an old table runner.  I don't have any before pictures because I made them long before I started blogging.

I found this Plain Jane styrofoam head at a garage sale for 50 cents, holes in her head and all.  I thought she deserved a little makeover, so I got out my Mod Podge and vintage sewing patterns.

I used bits and pieces from both of these patterns to cover her face.

I started by filling the holes in her head with spackling paste and then sanded 'er down.  The Mod Podge (matte finish) was a little too thick for the tissue, so I mixed it with a little water.  I started with the larger pieces first and then filled in with smaller pieces.  I used a small foam brush to apply the Mod Podge to the tissue pieces and then carefully laid each piece down being careful not to pull or push too hard.  Most of you have probably worked with Mod Podge before, so you know how sticky it can get.  I think it's so much easier to smooth out the wrinkles if you keep your fingers wet.  Also, try not to touch any wet areas because your sticky fingers will pull the paper up.  When she was completely covered with tissue, I applied a coat of Mod Podge.  After that dried, I finished up with a final coat.

Right now she looks like she was just released from the emergency room.
I had to do a lot of cutting and folding in the neck area, but she still ended up with lots of wrinkles.  I guess that's something we'll all have to face sooner or later. 
Here's the quartet all ready to go.  I think I'll use the new head for displaying
hats instead of jewelry.  It's hard to see in the picture, but the front pattern piece says "front facing."
I used the thicker sewing pattern directions instead of the tissue for the larger plastic shell mannequin in back.  The other two are paper mache.  The one on the right was covered with an embossed linen table runner.  I can display more ornate pieces of jewelry on her because of her neutral background.

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