Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Never Too Tired for an Antique Fix

I had a table at a two day craft fair this past weekend.  Because of the limited space (one 6 foot table) I only brought jewelry and a few other small items.  My mom had the table next to me and she brought along her beautiful purses and dolls made from vintage fabric.  She also had some gorgeous Christmas trees made from all the vintage jewelry she's been collecting.  I kept eyeing her trees and mentally picturing what all the little jewels would look like on a necklace...bad Betsy, bad!  This picture really doesn't do them justice....much more sparkly and shiny in person.

There was a good steady crowd all weekend, but definitely more lookers than buyers.  When the 3:00 closing time came around we were more than ready for a few hours in the antique mall.

If you live in the area and haven't been to the Antique Trove in Roseville, or if you haven't been for a while, it is SO worth the trip.  I don't know anyone with a booth there, but I have noticed a huge transformation since the last time I visited.  No empty spaces and no thrift store merchandise.  Love those thrift stores, but not in an antique mall.  So many drool worthy treasures.

Garrett from Platanitis was working on his fabulous booth.  Look at all these goodies......

It all needs to come home with me....the storage, nooks and crannies, color, texture, and two of those fabulous chairs.  I'm imagining my jewelry supplies in all these drawers.

I spotted some fun and unusual items in a few other booths also.....

Get a load of those little pasties.

What the?????  This picture is about 3' tall.  Who are these guys?  Are they a singing duo from the 70's?  I can't think of their names.  Looks like the guy on the left is about to pop a few buttons.

Early 1900's Clown Piano...weird.  It was much smaller than a standard piano, but bigger than a toy.

So many lockers and fabulous storage containers.  Oh, how I love this stuff.   Who needs dressers, cabinets, or drawers when you can have these. 


I love the way these glove molds are displayed.

These drawers were about 3 feet deep!

This huge library card catalog cabinet greets you as you walk in the front door.
What would you do with all these drawers?  All 130 of them?

I've been noticing lockers all over the place.  Love 'em!  I'm going to have to splurge on a set one of these days. Maybe then I'll stop having that recurring dream where I'm back in high school and I can't find my locker.

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