Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Buttons, Magnets, and a Painted Tray

In my last post I showed off this pretty hand painted tray that I bought at a yard sale.  It's huge, 19" x 27", so I thought it would make a nice picture and/or note holder.   This really is a quick and easy project.  I think it took me longer just to take the pictures.

I picked through my button stash for different sizes, textures, and colors to match the flowers in the tray.  I layered two or three buttons and glued them together with E6000.  I already had a roll of 1" wide magnetic tape, so I cut off pieces to fit each button and stuck 'em on.

The tray is heavier than it looks, so I came up with this hanging idea because I didn't want to make any holes in it.  I already had some of these adhesive picture hangers and decided to use them because of the large gluing area.  I used some E6000 for added strength and glued one to each side.  These hangers can easily be peeled off if someone wanted to use it as a tray again.

I couldn't find a good place to hang this to take a picture, but you get the idea.  I thought about a brighter ribbon, but I already had a roll of gold (from a yard sale) and I like the way it matches the border.

The ribbon can easily be changed or removed.

I had buttons and magnets on my mind, so I thought I'd show how I display some of the magnets I sell in my booth at the antique shows.  I like to have some cheap inexpensive impulse items available, so I make up a few dozen of these at a time.  I made this display several years ago out of an old frame, and then cut a piece of sheet metal from Home Depot to fit.

A few milk bottle tops got thrown into the mix here.  So darn simple, and they look cute on the fridge.

This display has been good to me and it doesn't take up much room.  It's a vintage spiral clip-on earring rack. 

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