Friday, December 23, 2011

A Touch of Sparkle

One more day!  Are you finished with your shopping, wrapping, cleaning, cooking, decorating?   My shopping is finally finished, but wrapping is still in progress. Cleaning is on hold until next week because we're not hosting Christmas this year, and I'm still cooking up a few side dishes to share.  Decorating was the first thing I finished this year because I only put out about half of what I normally do. 

I thought I'd share a couple of jeweled Christmas decorations I made several years ago.  The tree is just a Styrofoam base that I wrapped in silver ribbon.  I used silver spray paint on my first pathetic attempt and then watched it disintegrate right before my eyes.   Oh well, the silver ribbon looks much better.  I attached bits and pieces of vintage jewelry, then filled in with loose stones and colored push pins.

This tree is usually one element of a much larger centerpiece on our Christmas dining room table.  Since I'm not hosting Christmas dinner this year, I found a new spot on a small end table to display my vintage jewelry tree.  The cloche is a recent purchase and the antique mirrored tray came from an estate sale several years ago.    

For my wreath, I wrapped the Styrofoam base in gold ribbon and used hot glue to attach the green, gold, and white jewels.  In this picture the wreath is hung on an old cast iron mirror stand.  

I took a picture of it in two different locations and finally settled on this one....
It's a perfect fit right in the center of this chippy old arched window.

I could easily become addicted to making these if I didn't use all my stray jewelry pieces for other projects.  Now I save up what I don't use in my repurposed jewelry creations and pass them on to my mom.  She's now the jeweled tree and wreath queen.  

Wishing you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS.  

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