Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Vintage Hair Brush Makeover

When I purchased this vintage brush and mirror set at a flea market recently, I knew the broken brush had some life left in it.  The mirror is still in good shape and I love the patina on both pieces, but the poor brush has seen better days.

You can see where the wood part of the handle is missing.  I was lucky to be able to push the slightly twisted silver handle back into shape without breaking it.

I pried out the remainder of the brush which didn't come out without a fight; the old glue had turned black and was breaking off like glass.  I grabbed a bottle of tacky glue, a piece of vintage lace, and an antique tintype photograph.  I already had the tintype and have been waiting for an opportunity to use it in a repurposing project.

I spread some tacky glue inside the handle and started pressing the lace into place.  It didn't have to be perfect, just enough to hide the raw edges of the lace and cover the inside.

Then I got a little carried away and didn't pick up my camera until it was finished.....

After gluing the photograph to the lace I filled in around the edges with an old necklace, watch face, rhinestone, filigree, and a flower brooch.

Much better.

I thought it would look better if I could hang it up, so I punched a couple of small holes in the top and added a short chain.

I think she looks real comfortable and right at home inside the brush. 

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