Thursday, March 8, 2012

Playing in My Junk Box Again

I feel like a kid in a toy store when I'm playing in my boxes o' junk.  All the ingredients for another rake picture holder were there; they just needed a little sprucing up.  I posted about a smaller version picture holder back in August of 2010 and I even used part of the same salvaged chandelier.

The main ingredients:  Old metal rake with just the right amount of rust, metal chandelier part, architectural wood piece salvaged from a porch column.  I drilled a hole in the wood piece with a 7/8" spade/paddle bit and sprayed the rake with a coat of clear matte acrylic sealer.

Instant picture holder.

Optional ingredients:  Lens from a vintage camera, watch face picture, rhinestones, and a large antiqued silver filigree.  This is the third life for the camera lens and rhinestones; part of the necklace I originally made broke after I dropped it.

 I painted the gray column base with a coat of Old Ochre ASCP; it was a real close match to the original paint on the chandelier part.  I used E6000 glue to attach the lamp part to the base and wood glue to secure the rake handle in the hole of the base.

 Back side.

I couldn't resist displaying this sweet old picture of a baby sitting in a California's Medium Prunes box.  Click to enlarge.  Too cute!

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