Monday, April 2, 2012

Repurposed Musical Instrument Case

I found this old musical instrument case in an antique shop over a year ago.  After separating the top and bottom, I used both halves to hold tiny items I was selling at the antique shows.  They looked like they needed something more, so it was time for a third life....

When I spotted these vintage Bingo sheets for 1/2 off in Sue's Etsy shop (Vintage Rescue Squad), I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them.  I still have a stack of them left over for other projects.

Old Bingo balls, a tarnished silver tray,

 typewriter keys on a Scrabble frame,

a bundle of vintage books, dice, and a little Mod Podge.
The Bingo sheets were almost a perfect fit and only needed a little trimming to fit inside the case cover.

Two stick'm tabs added to each side allows the case to hang on a wall.

This little compartment always looked like it needed to be a shelf.  
The other half is still waiting for its repurposing turn.
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