Saturday, October 13, 2012

Perfume Bottle Necklaces

Last May one of my regular customers from the Spring Antiques & Collectibles Faire in Pleasanton, CA stopped by my booth to show me several little perfume bottles.  She wanted to know if I'd be able to make necklaces out of them similar to the one she bought from me a few years earlier.  She had a bottle in mind for each friend and another one for herself.  How could I refuse?

The bottles on the left and right are filled with glitter.  The tassel was already attached when she gave it to me, so I'll let her decide if she wants to remove it.  It already had a hole in the top making it easy to add a jump ring instead of wiring it up.  The center bottle is full of the smallest pearls I had.  All of the bottles have a very small opening, so I was limited to what would fit inside.  

I filled the bottles on the left and right with seed beads, and the center bottle with glitter, then added some rhinestones down the front.  She requested the bottle on the right be filled with something green.

I'm sure there are dozens of ways to wire these up, but these two techniques have always worked for me.  I had these all put together before I thought of blogging about them, so I'll show you the easiest technique that works for almost any bottle as long as the top isn't too large.
  I used 22 gauge wire (open roll on left) because it's easier to work with than the thicker 20 gauge.  Then grab yourself a pretty little perfume bottle, preferably one that's already empty because old perfume smells bad stinks.  It's best to fill the bottle and glue the top on before you start to wire it up.  A little E6000 glue will hold the top in place so you don't end up wearing glitter all over your clothes.

Cut off two pieces of wire about 12" each.  Place one piece of wire around the neck of the bottle (this is a top view) cross the wire, pull tight, then pull both ends around to the opposite side and twist a few times to hold it in place.   Repeat with the second wire.

You'll end up with something that looks like this.  The wires are firmly held in place between the top and the neck of the bottle.  You can see some moisture still inside the bottle, so make sure it's completely dry before filling and gluing it.  A Q-tip works really well if the opening is large enough.

Continue twisting until you have about 3" of twisted wire on each side, cut off any excess.

Grab your round-nose pliers and make a loop about 1/8" away from the neck.

Hold the loop you just made with your chain-nose pliers.  Grab the end of the wire with your fingers or another pair of pliers and wrap it around around a few times until it's right up next to the bottle top.

Cut off the excess and pinch the wire down with your pliers.  Repeat on the other side.

All ready for some embellishments and a chain.
I was able to fill this bottle after wiring it together, but it's best to fill and glue it first so that your wires don't slip off the top.  I used E6000 glue for all the embellishments.

I'll be bringing them with me to the Fall Antiques & Collectibles Faire on Sunday.  I'm really not crazy about doing custom orders because I constantly second-guess all my creative decisions.  Oh dear, I sure hope she likes them.

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