Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Vintage Bottles and a Rediscovered Table

I spent the good part of Monday unloading my truck from the antique show on Sunday, unpacking boxes, and repacking boxes.  My back was not happy with me, but at least I have several days to give it a rest before my next show on the 14th.  I was too busy to get out to any yard sales this past weekend, but I did find a few great things the weekend before.  I love old bottles and jars and pick them up whenever I find them at a good price.

I was thrilled to find the large jars with their original zinc and milk glass tops all at the same sale.  The lady I bought them from said they had belonged to her grandmother and she just recently decided to part with them.  The little bottles, silver tray and sugar bowl were from a sale across the street from the other one.  The sugar bowl became a body for one of my Pumpkins with Attitude last week.

The vintage clip on earrings and rosary were from another sale in the same neighborhood.

I found this table in the middle of my garage.  It wasn't buried in the pile like all the other things I "buy and stash,"  it was just sitting there.  My first thought was that someone found it roadside and brought it home for me.  Yeah, right.  My youngest son finally reminded me that it was a table I brought home from a yard sale over a year ago and agreed to let him use in his closet.  I just didn't recognize it without a load of stuff piled on top.

The bottles were one of the projects I wanted to finish for my antique show in Lodi this past Sunday.  Here they are all dressed up with labels from The Graphics Fairy.  I used matte Mod Podge to adhere the labels to the bottles and then embellished them with twine, keys, rhinestones, watch parts, and a few other trinkets.

I couldn't resist creating one more pumpkin face....Mr. Pumpkin Head.  He seems to be wondering why he was plopped down right in the middle of the lamps.  No reason...just because.  Once that van in the background moved, I could see that the three spots next to me were vacant.  Not a good sign, but it did give me a chance to spread out a little when the neighbors didn't show up.

On another note.  I've been selling at antique and artisan shows for years, and to my knowledge I've only had a few things stolen - always jewelry.  This time it was something that I never would have expected someone to walk off with....the side of an antique crib.   Where would you stash something like this?  Under your trench coat?

The only picture I have is from a couple of weeks ago that shows it with a fresh paint job and two vintage glass drawer knobs I added to the top.  It had a rusty metal insert in the center and looked better with a few vintage linens I had hanging on it the other day, so I guess someone else thought it was cute too.  It's a good thing I sold the other half, otherwise they probably would have walked off with both of them.  Oh well, at least they left the linens behind. I'm sure many of you have had items stolen from a space in an antique mall or right out from under your nose at a show.  What would you do if you actually caught someone in the act?

Anyway, I'm doing it all again this Sunday the 14th.  I'll never be able to get enough jewelry made this week to replace what I sold, but I'm going to try to put a dent in it.  I'm hoping to get reacquainted with the table and find the time to give it a quickie paint job.

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