Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Vintage Bottles and a Rediscovered Table

I spent the good part of Monday unloading my truck from the antique show on Sunday, unpacking boxes, and repacking boxes.  My back was not happy with me, but at least I have several days to give it a rest before my next show on the 14th.  I was too busy to get out to any yard sales this past weekend, but I did find a few great things the weekend before.  I love old bottles and jars and pick them up whenever I find them at a good price.

I was thrilled to find the large jars with their original zinc and milk glass tops all at the same sale.  The lady I bought them from said they had belonged to her grandmother and she just recently decided to part with them.  The little bottles, silver tray and sugar bowl were from a sale across the street from the other one.  The sugar bowl became a body for one of my Pumpkins with Attitude last week.

The vintage clip on earrings and rosary were from another sale in the same neighborhood.

I found this table in the middle of my garage.  It wasn't buried in the pile like all the other things I "buy and stash,"  it was just sitting there.  My first thought was that someone found it roadside and brought it home for me.  Yeah, right.  My youngest son finally reminded me that it was a table I brought home from a yard sale over a year ago and agreed to let him use in his closet.  I just didn't recognize it without a load of stuff piled on top.

The bottles were one of the projects I wanted to finish for my antique show in Lodi this past Sunday.  Here they are all dressed up with labels from The Graphics Fairy.  I used matte Mod Podge to adhere the labels to the bottles and then embellished them with twine, keys, rhinestones, watch parts, and a few other trinkets.

I couldn't resist creating one more pumpkin face....Mr. Pumpkin Head.  He seems to be wondering why he was plopped down right in the middle of the lamps.  No reason...just because.  Once that van in the background moved, I could see that the three spots next to me were vacant.  Not a good sign, but it did give me a chance to spread out a little when the neighbors didn't show up.

On another note.  I've been selling at antique and artisan shows for years, and to my knowledge I've only had a few things stolen - always jewelry.  This time it was something that I never would have expected someone to walk off with....the side of an antique crib.   Where would you stash something like this?  Under your trench coat?

The only picture I have is from a couple of weeks ago that shows it with a fresh paint job and two vintage glass drawer knobs I added to the top.  It had a rusty metal insert in the center and looked better with a few vintage linens I had hanging on it the other day, so I guess someone else thought it was cute too.  It's a good thing I sold the other half, otherwise they probably would have walked off with both of them.  Oh well, at least they left the linens behind. I'm sure many of you have had items stolen from a space in an antique mall or right out from under your nose at a show.  What would you do if you actually caught someone in the act?

Anyway, I'm doing it all again this Sunday the 14th.  I'll never be able to get enough jewelry made this week to replace what I sold, but I'm going to try to put a dent in it.  I'm hoping to get reacquainted with the table and find the time to give it a quickie paint job.

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  1. Oh, Betsy, so sorry about the theft. They must have caught you at a time when you were helping a customer and ran with it. KARMA!

    Hope you had a fab day Sunday! A couple of the vendors at my show ran down there real quick before our show, LOL

    I am exhausted and wished I could have taken yesterday off but no rest for the wicked, ha ha ha ha

    SEE YOU Sunday!!!


  2. I love what you did with those bottles/jars! So lovely. I find myself drawn to old jars and bottles too!


  3. Your work is absolutely stunning my friend. LOVE IT! I am happy and proud to follow you back! Can't wait to see what's next.

    Love to you~Rebecca

  4. Like your bottle redos ! I am so sorry about the thief. :( I had a few things lifted over the years at my yardsales back when I had them on occasion. Sadly, I would have probably given the items to them if they had asked.

  5. You create the most whimsical and delightful things! You keep me smiling with them.

  6. Betsy one of these days I'm going to be in Cali and visit you at your show! I love all your treasures. I hate that you had a thief but it's a part of the selling I guess. Makes me sad!
    big hugs, Linda

  7. Love the bottles! You always inspire me and give me WAY more ideas than I have time for. I have quite a collection of bottles and jars waiting and waiting and waiting for something to happen...

    I am flaberghasted about the crib side! It takes some brass to walk off with something that big and I wonder what they were planning to say if you confronted them and said, excuse me but are you planning to buy that!

  8. That is just crazy for people to steal stuff like that! You wonder...how bad did they need THAT? How sad! I love your Mr. Pumpkin head! You are just having too much fun with those! And the jars are amazing. I am starting to look for neat jars to put seashells in. I've never seen some of these shapes! Cool!

  9. I love the
    pumpkin man". He has such character. Glad you rediscovered your table. It is cute.

    Can't believe that people could just walk away with one of your large pieces. That takes some guts and "no class".

    Have a great week creating more jewelry.

  10. Oh my goodness! Loving those bottles!!! Great finds!

  11. The side of a crib? Seriously? So sorry, Betsy. The only thing I ever remember being stolen at a show was a vintage deck of cards, and my husband went after the thief. You have a great display. You know how I feel about bottles, so I love those.

  12. That pumpkin head is just too funny...love his drawer pull "smile." I hate that someone stole the crib side...they must have had a huge trench coat!

  13. I can't stand a thief and somehow someway I think we have all been a victim. Stores have to hike up their prices because of theft so we all have to pay and thieves have gotten very brazen! I love your bottles and the cute way you transformed them. I hope they go to a good honest home!

  14. I love how you embelished and labeled the jars. They really look great. Blessings.

  15. Love the bottles and your set up, girl you are like a machine!! Sorry that someone took your crib ladder...Yep, someone is going to hell in a hand basket!


  16. The things people have the nerve to steal...so sorry dear friend...we can't win for losing! Very nice display! Wishing you well at your next sale!

  17. Betsy,
    I've been doing shows for 27 years and I've had stuff stolen over the years, but I've never caught any of them in the act of stealing it. Usually it is the jewelry...don't think I've ever had a big piece taken. Shame on them!!
    Love your pumpkin head guy...too cute!!

  18. The first half of this post really made me smile, knowing someone else has things in the garage that are unfamiliar, even if you were the one who brought them home. :-)
    The second half, about stealing, is terrible and I'm sorry to hear that someone wanted that piece so much they just took it from you. Shame on them.

  19. I'm with Carol! Rotten thing to do! You did however, get fantastic things at the sales and made them all look so fabulous, Betsy! I love your style so much, Thanks for the lovely inspiration. xo's Pam

  20. Your pictures of your treasures are wonderful! So sorry that someone had to run off with something. ;( I've not had that happen.
    On another note, I loved your pumpkin people so much I just HAD to share this creative idea with my readers so I blogged about them and directed them to your blog here.
    Have a great day!

  21. So sad when someone has to steal! They must have done that when you were busy helping others.
    Great finds! LOVE those old bottles! Your creations are beautiful!

  22. Grrrrr. Maybe you need a little dog, trained to give the alarm when someone takes something. I hate that you lost your time, work and energy with this rude nd bizarre theft. Grrr again!

    The jars are gorgeous - have never seen some of those cool shapes.

  23. of course love all your finds...and your 'new' table, sweet. =)


  24. adoro las viejas botellas de cristal, voy a seguir sus ideas, muchas gracias!

  25. I have rows and rows of old bottles~they appeal to me too. Great look on these. I bet you sell out:):):) Love the jewelry added too!!!

  26. Your little bottles and jars were turned into treasures for sure. Love your pumpkin people - cutest things I've seen this fall.


  27. You always find the best stuff, and then turn it into even better stuff! Sorry about the shoplifting, can't imagine how they did it. I do think you're just taunting me with that French wire laundry hamper again!

  28. So sorry for your loss. They probably walked off with the crib side when you were distracted by other buyers or maybe they worked as a team. Your bottles and jars turned out so beautiful. I have a whole stash of them. You have inspired me to start working on them.

  29. How bold of that person to steal! Shame on them! Karma...just sayin'.

    Betsy, your projects turned out so cute! And those little pumpkin faces are the best. You are so creative! I have been getting all kinds of compliments on the necklace I bought in Roseville from you.

    Happy fall! Nice and cool out, eh?


  30. Uh! I'm heartbroken about your adorable crib side being stolen! Some people seem to think that the more brazen crimes are easier to pull off because no one else would have thought anything of someone walking off with that. Who'datthunkit?! All your treasures just grab my eye and make me stare in wonder at all the lovely details. There is so much to take in. Hope the selling went well and does so again!

  31. Some people just try to ruin it for everyone...unbelievable!

    Love that table can't wait to see what you do with it. Those bottle all turned out so cute. Goodness, where do you find the time?

  32. I'm sorry to hear about the unfortunate incident Betsy. On the positive side, it meant that your works are something that people really covet for. But I always believe that people with great hearts and talent will always be blessed. If something is taken away, something will soon be arriving. I know there will be more crafts and opportunities to come for you Betsy. With your talent, every output you made is very worthy of a magazine feature.

    Have a great week!

  33. :( Why do people steal? Sigh. Gosh, one of these days I really want to come to a show you're at in CA!


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