Friday, September 11, 2015

A Few Farm Fresh Painted Projects

It's been a busy week around here as I continue to gather, organize, and transform some of the junk that's been lurking out in my garage.  Here's a small sampling of some of the junk I've been working on:

Farm fresh upcycled projects
Group hug. Three small projects and one tiny project.

Before pictures
The lovely before beauty shots. 

stenciled and painted wooden box
I painted and distressed the rustic box, then stenciled it with FARM fresh.

repurposed painted and decorated sewing machine drawer
I added a piece of decorative hardware to the side of this old sewing machine drawer before painting it. It still needed a little something extra, so I added a small jewel to the center of the hardware and a piece of rusty fencing to the other side.  Perfect for planting, or for holding pictures and vintage flashcards.  

Family and Friends gather here painted stenciled tray
The ugly orange wooden serving tray got a coat of paint and a quick update with a French stencil: Family and Friends gather here.  The grain sack stripe was a simple addition with the help of some blue painter's tape. 

stamped garden markers tutorial
Last but not least, I stamped two blank garden markers with Farmhouse and Cottage. You can see my metal stamping tutorial here.

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