Sunday, September 2, 2012

Little Finds and Quick Projects

I'm still in the process of sorting through all the goodies I found in Oregon a few weeks ago.  We were lucky enough to hit two days of awesome yard sales, several antique shops, and one morning at a great indoor flea market.  Bargains galore I tell you!  I've been working on getting things cleaned up, repurposed, and ready to bring to Mes Amis Vintage Antiques Show in less than two weeks.  Not sure if I'll get it all done, but I can sure have fun trying.

Some of my favorite things: Tarnished silver and vintage lace.

I picked these old bottles up at an antique store for a mere 50 cents each.  I found the labels at The Graphics Fairy and then applied them to the bottles with matte Mod Podge....a quick and easy five minute project.

The sweet cocktail napkins were found at a very interesting estate sale.  Trust me, they did not look like this when I found them; I almost passed them up.  

The old aluminum thermos and box were two other great bargains.  I wasn't sure if the glass inside the old thermos would hold water, but I took my chances and got lucky - perfect for fresh or dried flowers.  Another label from The Graphics Fairy dresses it up using an easy method I posted about here.

I already had the salt and pepper shakers and decided to turn them into vases with a little help from some bits and pieces of vintage jewelry.

This box is the "after" version of what I purchased.  It had a lot of grime and a little bit too much rust (yes there is such a thing).  I gave it a good cleaning with #0000 steel wool, glued a vintage keyhole to the front, attached a glass handle to the lid, and tied on an old key.

I punched a starter hole in the lid with a hammer and nail, then used a drill to enlarge it.  After adding some vintage inspired shelf paper to the bottom, I called it done.

One more quick and easy project:  a vintage inspired postcard, clip on earring, and an old eraser.

So easy.  The earring is clipped right on one section of the eraser and the post card slips through the center.

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