Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Blooming Ice Chest

This is the camera shy vintage ice chest I posted about last week.  I discovered it hiding under a table in one of those booths where everything looks like it came directly out of a storage locker.   No organization, no price tags, no pretty table cloths, but loads of great junk.

I'm sure a few of the dents and scratches are from the two times it fell off my flea market cart.  It adds to the character, right?

repurpose a vintage ice chest to use as a garden planter
All dressed up with some geraniums and a stencil from Maison de Stencils.  I used white acrylic paint for the stencil, then sprayed the entire side with two coats of semi-gloss acrylic sealer.

vintage ice chest with red lid
Before:  A little blah and tired looking don't you think? 
I thought about waxing the faded red top to brighten it up, but when I started cleaning it with a Mr. Clean magic eraser, it was like......magic.  

vintage King Kold cooler
It magically brightened up after giving it a good rub down.  I always test painted surfaces before going at them with a magic eraser just to make sure the paint doesn't come off.

repurposed vintage King Kold cooler
All the fabulous rust was left behind along with the original King Kold Cooler label.  

vintage cooler garden planter
Three in one!
A flower box, a cooler that doesn't leak, and maybe the lid could be used as a towel holder.

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  1. Very pretty! Love it with the flowers planted inside! Happy Tuesday! xo Holly

  2. Pretty transformation Betsy! You gave this a new life!

  3. Awesome makeover! The stencil looks perfect!


  4. hopingyou left the org label on the other side~so fabulous!!!! Looks awesome Betsy!!!

  5. Very pretty and a nice tip about the
    magic eraser!

  6. I really love this! Such a sweet makeover. Love the idea of an outdoor towel holder for the lid, too! Genius! xo

  7. That magic eraser is magic stuff for sure. I once washed all of the color plus the words right off the spine of a book. Woosh, gone, just like magic. Kudos to you for being smart enough to test first!!
    Great makeover, as always.

  8. You have convinced me a cute stencil on anything makes it better! Really this is adorable with the flowers in it and I love the red lid! Cute!

  9. Nice redo!! Looks great with the flowers.
    Yes - love the ME's. I dulled some paint on a wall years ago with one - luckily it was a small spot. However, I love the good they do - used one today.
    Enjoy your evening.

  10. Oh Betsy, it is gorgeous, I have never used the magic eraser, I have got to try it now!


  11. Awesome Betsy! What a great piece; love the look of red and gray. Your graphics just add to the overall "coolness" of it! (if you pardon the pun) ;)

  12. Great job, Betsy! It's amazing what a Magic Eraser and some elbow grease will do! Love the stencil!

  13. Hi Betsy! I love the title of this post, very fitting to the "new character of the ice chest" It was like you became her fairy godmother :D

    Can't wait what you will do with the cover.

    Have a great week!

  14. I love old ice chests. You can do so much with them and I love the stencil you used. I had not seen that one before. Now it's the perfect planter.

  15. Those are my favorite kinds of booths and stores! It's great what you did with it. I have a red "pleasure chest" on my back porch....guess I should plant some flowers in it! Thanks for the idea.

  16. You are GOOD! I would have jumped on this, too! Seems like I've been on the lookout for coolers since I found a vintage one a while back. Even bought a matching vintage thermos recently. The stencil and paint color choices were perfect! And love that red.

  17. You always do the BEST transformations! Love it! :)

  18. You gotta love a magic eraser. Sure, I've gone overboard with them a time or two, but mostly they work wonders! I love how they brought out the perfect shade of red hidden there on the top of the cooler under that dull film. What a great little transformation!

  19. What a great find! You did a great job in making it look spectacular! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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