Friday, August 15, 2014

Another Batch of Vintage Silverware Necklaces

I've been busy cutting, filing, drilling, stamping, polishing, and decorating some of the silverware that I've hoarded accumulated over the last couple of months.  I finally finished at least two dozen necklaces and some stamped silverware plant markers after a little mishap with the hacksaw and my finger.  Ouch!

repurposed vintage silverware necklaces stamped embellished necklaces
Do you recognize any of these patterns from your childhood? 

#mysalvagedtreasures silverware handle necklaces vintage DIY
I'm almost positive that the Queen Bess pattern on the left is the one my parents had when we were growing up.  I'll have to check with my mom about that because it looks so familiar.  

DIY repurposed silverware handle necklaces embellished pendants
These were decorated with flower charms and part of a vintage sweater clip.

vintage DIY necklaces made from silverware handles
Bits and pieces of salvaged jewelry and a sweet little starfish charm.

#mysalvagedtreasures repurposed silverware DIY necklaces
I have plenty more that never made it in front of the camera or to my Etsy shop, so they'll be coming with me to my next show in September.    

repurposed DIY silver salt and pepper shaker necklaces
My next jewelry project involves these sweet little salt and pepper shakers.  All they need is a little polishing and a lot of love, then they'll be good to go...dents and all.

What's on your workbench these days?

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