Friday, November 6, 2015

My Latest Junking Haul

Can I still call this a haul if I didn't have to open up the back of my truck to bring it all home? I've been really good lately about limiting my hauls to no more than what will fit in the back seat of my big truck, or the trunk of my little car. One estate sale and one vintage market later, this is what I hauled home last weekend....

vintage estate sale and flea market finds
Buckets, ornaments, and a chippy hanging light thing.

hand painted bucket vintage ornaments chippy light fixture
Do you see what I see?  Cloche potential!

architectural salvage aluminum molds and vintage tripod knobs
The architectural salvage pieces need to be cleaned up, then I'll probably add a door knob or a hook to each one. Those chippy red things are old tripod adjustment knobs. I'm glad I asked.

vintage pay phone coin boxes telephone booth
I'm also glad I asked about these black metal boxes. Maybe I'll add a little bling and use them as plant holders. What could they be? Care to take a guess before scrolling down?

metal vintage pay phone telephone coin boxes
Pay phone coin boxes!!
They fit inside the locked pay phone and had tops on them with slots for the coins to drop through.
 I bought nine of them complete with their carrying case.

vintage yardsticks, wood pulley, vintage clip on earrings, small scale windmill
It's been ages since I found yardsticks at a price I could afford, so I didn't hesitate to grab this bunch before someone else discovered them. Before I got out the door at the estate sale, I had a man offer me double for what I paid for the windmill. I turned down his measly $4 offer.

vintage rhinestone shoe clip decoration
I think the jeweled shoe clip is the only embellishment this old scoop needs. I'm thinking it would make a great candle holder.

vintage clip on earrings for repurposing
I bought these beauties from two women who had just inherited a massive collection of vintage jewelry from their neighbor. Of course, I was more than happy to help them unload it. I see another corsage bracelet making marathon in my near future.

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