Friday, June 19, 2015

Three Coasters, a Doorknob, and a Stray Lamp Part

Coasters, doorknobs, and lamp parts, oh my!  What a fun pile of miscellaneous treasures I had to work with. I rarely have a problem deciding what to do with vintage doorknobs, but the other junk had me temporarily stumped.

Vintage doorknob
An idea was born when I realized the glass doorknob was a perfect fit inside the stray
lamp part.

porcelain coasters
I've had these three porcelain and silver plate coasters for ages, but could never figure out
what I wanted to do with them. Using them as coasters never occurred to me. Duh!

vintage lamp parts repurposed
Remember this trio of junky lamp parts from last week?  You can see the cloche I made from two of the pieces here.  The three-armed lamp part had to wait its turn.

vintage coasters lamp parts repurposed
I used E6000 to glue the arms to the bottom of the coasters, then bolted and glued the doorknob spindle to the base.

vintage buttons coasters repurposed lamp parts
It took me longer to decide what to do with all these little pieces than it did to put them together.

vintage rhinestone buttons
Perfect little trays for holding vintage rhinestone buttons.

vintage clear glass buttons repurposed
Or some pretty cut glass buttons.

vintage mother of pearl buttons silver plate coaster
Or even a handful of tiny mother of pearl buttons.

repurposed upcycled plant stand
I can change my mind and use it as a table top plant stand.

repurposed lamp parts candle holder plant stand
I can even add a candle if the mood strikes.  Are my eyes playing tricks on me, or do you see a waiter holding a plant and a glass of milk? 

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  1. I always love your creations Betsy! It's so fun to be creative and see how different folks look at things. That would make a great display stand in someone's shop. Enjoy your weekend.
    Tamara <3

  2. Betsy, this is fabulous. You could use it for so many things and yes I see that waiter!

  3. Love it! I am always amazed with what you make with your "junk". And yes I see the waiter and milk too!

  4. Another great project, Betsy! It's a pretty storage for buttons but it also looks very lovely with the plant and the candle.

  5. Love this!! I do see the waiter and the milk.

  6. I love decorations you can switch out easily to fit the day. Awesome!!

  7. Perfect use of such pretty items! I see Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast!!

  8. Wow, I don't think I would have ever thought to put those items together! They look so great though!


  9. LOVE it!! You are so clever...I need to make some time to get out and dig in my junk stash...

  10. So creative you are-what an adorable and useful thing you made!

  11. This is too fun and creative. Love this. Ha ha I saw the waiter right away too. Betsy you did great on this little treasure re love.

  12. You are so clever! I love the plant stand idea and vases of flowers would be pretty, too.

  13. Brilliant as always, Miss Betsy! I can also see small glass bowls inserted for party snacks!

  14. Now that's pretty! I would have been a shame to cover up those coasters beyond repair -- they look terrific as they are -- and useful, too!

  15. Eek! I am always saying eek here, Betsy - you always see things I would never have seen. How cool! And I do see the waiter, I believe his name is Pierre.

  16. you are soo good turning junk into pretty and useful items Betsy! I love this newest junky piece you created. The doorknob is perfect!

  17. Now that you mention it, I do see waiter. :-D The buttons would be my favorite.
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

  18. I'm always amazed at the neat creations you come up with from totally unrelated items. They're clever, unique and so useful. Thanks for helping me to see things beyond their original purpose!
    Carolyn @ Our Gilded Abode

  19. Love it!! You make the most awesome things with the junk treasures that you find.

  20. Well I am just in love with this! have the best ideas Betsy. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  21. Wow, I love this! SOO very cute, clever, and handy! So many pretty things can sit on each side dish! So fun!! xo Holly

  22. A lovely organizer - creative and clever!

  23. Absolutely love this!! You can even use it as a candy dish with different types of candies in it
    So cute!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  24. You never disappoint! I love it, so many uses!


  25. Betsy, you are so creative and come up with the coolest ideas. LOVE this and there are so many things you can do. Thanks so much for sharing at our Something to Talk About Link Party too. Have a great weekend, Lisa

  26. That turned our really beautiful. Love its versatility too, and the door knob is just perfect.

  27. Complete adorableness with My Salvaged Treasures glam. Featuring this sweet thang on Party Junk this weekend! :)


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