Friday, June 19, 2015

Three Coasters, a Doorknob, and a Stray Lamp Part

Coasters, doorknobs, and lamp parts, oh my!  What a fun pile of miscellaneous treasures I had to work with. I rarely have a problem deciding what to do with vintage doorknobs, but the other junk had me temporarily stumped.

Vintage doorknob
An idea was born when I realized the glass doorknob was a perfect fit inside the stray
lamp part.

porcelain coasters
I've had these three porcelain and silver plate coasters for ages, but could never figure out
what I wanted to do with them. Using them as coasters never occurred to me. Duh!

vintage lamp parts repurposed
Remember this trio of junky lamp parts from last week?  You can see the cloche I made from two of the pieces here.  The three-armed lamp part had to wait its turn.

vintage coasters lamp parts repurposed
I used E6000 to glue the arms to the bottom of the coasters, then bolted and glued the doorknob spindle to the base.

vintage buttons coasters repurposed lamp parts
It took me longer to decide what to do with all these little pieces than it did to put them together.

vintage rhinestone buttons
Perfect little trays for holding vintage rhinestone buttons.

vintage clear glass buttons repurposed
Or some pretty cut glass buttons.

vintage mother of pearl buttons silver plate coaster
Or even a handful of tiny mother of pearl buttons.

repurposed upcycled plant stand
I can change my mind and use it as a table top plant stand.

repurposed lamp parts candle holder plant stand
I can even add a candle if the mood strikes.  Are my eyes playing tricks on me, or do you see a waiter holding a plant and a glass of milk? 

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