Sunday, August 12, 2012

New Labels for Old Buckets

Old buckets have a way of finding their way home with me especially when I can pick them up for next to nothing at yards sales and flea markets.   My pile has been growing taller over the last couple of months, so I figured it was about time to do something with them.

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tutorial for adding labels to old buckets with Mod Podge
The Graphics Fairy and Mod Podge to the rescue.
A super quick, inexpensive, and very easy way to dress up an old bucket.

old galvanized buckets with new labels
They sure look naked except for the bright blue Baker Boy orange spread bucket; I wasn't about to disturb that fabulous old label.

add charm to old buckets with reproduction labels
All of these labels were printed in color on plain white paper using an ink jet printer.  Applying Mod Podge directly on images from an ink jet printer can cause the ink to bleed a little, but I've found that waiting a day or two to let the ink cure helps keep the bleeding to a minimum.  I wasn't real concerned about a little bleeding because I was going for a rustic and vintage look anyway. Use a laser printer if you don't want any bleeding issues. 

how to add vintage charm to old buckets
After trimming the labels, I wrinkled them and roughed up the edges a bit.  No need to do anything more because they came directly from The Graphics Fairy with this wonderful aged look. Use a pencil to mark where you want to place your label before applying Mod Podge. Once you apply the Mod Podge it dries very quickly and will be difficult to move around, so it's important to know exactly where to place your label. 

tutorial for adding vintage inspired labels to buckets
Apply a coat of  Matte Mod Podge (*affiliate link) to the back of the label using a sponge brush. Place your label on the bucket working from the center out to the edges while smoothing out any bubbles. That's about it if you prefer a natural looking label. You can always seal the top of the label with another coat of Mod Podge, but there will be some bleeding if you printed your label with an ink jet printer. 

how to add reproduction labels to old buckets
These would be fine on a covered patio or porch, but I wouldn't leave them where water is an issue. Outdoor Mod Podge (*affiliate link) is also an option if you don't mind a shiny label. They'd be perfect indoors for holding plants, dried flowers, magazines, craft supplies, etc.  

galvanized bucket planters
I love the collapsible antique water bucket on the left just the way it is.

Duplex water pail
Duplex Water Pail No. 12,  Mfd by the Planet Co. Patent 639822, Westfield, Mass USA.
I did a little research on these and found that they were manufactured from 1899-1920 and were used by the railroads, the military, and on fire trucks.  Some models even had a canvas spout attached.

use a vintage canvas water pail as a planter
It collapses, but does it still hold water?  I couldn't resist putting it to the test....

vintage canvas water pail
It took about ten minutes until R. Ducky was sitting at the bottom of the bucket.  Oh well, it was a great find and will still hold a bouquet of dried hydrangeas.

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