Friday, June 20, 2014

Fun with Frogs

Why hide flower frogs in the bottom of a container when they have so much charm of their own?  I've been playing with my stash of frogs again, but this time instead of stacking and displaying them like building blocks, I wanted to dress them up with bits and pieces of interesting trinkets.  

flower frog picture holders
Group hug.

Vintage brass stencils, number tags, rusty hardware in the shape of a heart, and a black and white photo.

Chalkboard-ified zinc tag and three stamped metal pieces from vintage stencil sets.  Stamping tutorial here.

Optician's lens, chalkboard-ified zinc tag, and a license plate tag from 1955.  1955 is a keeper because....well, it was kind of a significant year for me.

repurposed vintage cameras
Picture holders made from salvaged parts of two vintage cameras.  The pictures were cut to size and simply taped to the back. 

Large and small clock faces with little jewels in the center, and an old funnel that's perfect as a vase.  I inserted a small glass tube into the funnel and added water to keep the flower fresh.  Warning:  do not force tube into bottom of funnel.  It's a good thing I had a spare.

They're all packed up and ready to follow me to Vintage in the Vines on Saturday.  More information on my sidebar or on their Facebook page here.
You're all invited!!

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  1. That is just super-cute with a fun vintage vibe, love them all!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  2. *LOVE* everything about this, Betsy! Pinning...I'm inspired!

  3. Betsy, love them all but the camera faces with photos is my Fav! What a great idea! Now i'll be looking for a junk camera to try to do this with!

    (1950 would be my significant year)

  4. I just LOVE these! I only have one glass flower frog so I need to puts these on my watch list for Junkin Days!!! I enjoy your blog so very much.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I just LOVE these! I only have one glass flower frog so I need to put this type on my watch list for my Junkin Days!!! I enjoy your blog so very much.

  7. You know, Betsy, it's kinda scary to see my imagination on display on someone else's blog. :) Your creative choices are so close to mine, it's like a Vulcan mind meld or something....

    P.S. You can NEVER have too many flower frogs.

  8. Such a lovely and pretty display!! They are so fun! :) Have a great weekend!! xo Holly

  9. I think I like the 2 using parts of old cameras best.
    Hope you do well at the sale.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  10. I have some frogs but not the great stuff you placed in all of them! Wow, I love them all. I really like the camera parts with photos in them, genius again:) Good luck with the show, as always!
    xo Kathleen

  11. Love these! Hope you have a great show.

  12. They are so much fun! Have a wonderful and successful weekend my friend! Hugs, Diane

  13. Oh, I just love this! This is so creative! 55 is my year, too. Best of luck at your show this weekend! xo Karen

  14. Oh, these are wonderful. I like flower frog because they are heavy enough hold things steady. Nothing tippy about these little froggies.

  15. Hi Betsy, I have a thing for flower frogs too and like to display pictures, number plates etc. Your funnel idea is very cool and I love that rusty metal heart. I wish I could visit the show. Have a great time and lots of sales!

  16. I love using frogs all through the house. Lovely displays Betsy! I won't be makng it today. Feeling a little lazy and low funds rotfl.

    I know you will do fabulous!!!!!!


  17. These are going to be a hit, no doubt about it! Love the funnel idea and the brass stencils, too. I have all the ingredients, but where in the world to display ONE MORE THING is the challenge - lol. By the way, 1955 is a significant year for me, as well. 8+)

  18. LOVE this post! The camera frames are so clever!

  19. Wonderful ideas as usual Betsy! I love flower frogs (I have four so far!) but they are hard to find. That idea of using a funnel is fab - sorry, but I had to laugh at your "spare" comment.... see, you do the "crash-testing" for all the rest of us... ;)

  20. Goodness! You've done it again -- LOVE how you used the old camera parts to make the frames -- had to look twice to realize what they were before I read the description!

  21. I never picked up flower frogs until I started following your blog. Now that I have a collection, I need to show them off....thanks for the inspiration! the funnel idea!!!

  22. So much adorability!!! Love the funnel idea, sorry about that first broken test tube.

  23. Well I thought I had a lot of flower frogs but um, your collection is over the top impressive! ~Ann
    Tarnished Royalty

  24. I've been collecting flower frogs for years now-love them-but you've taken them to a whole new level! Love how you've added so many fun little 'bits' to jazz them up! :)

  25. love the numbers and the way you displayed them!!! Any luck on a 6 typewriter key?


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