Friday, January 16, 2015

Vintage Goods Stenciled Window Screen

A few days after Christmas I went on a little field trip over to the historic town of Jackson and to a nearby antique mall.  I wasn't really looking for anything in particular, I just needed a good junking fix.  One thing that caught my eye right away was a booth that had several old windows with the screens still intact and in good shape.  

stenciled window screen DIY
I knew right away that I wanted to turn one of the screens into a sign.  I was working on a little change in this area of my house and thought it would be perfect for this spot.  This area is in the middle of the house and gets very little direct light, so getting a picture without funny shadows and weird colors was a real challenge.

I chose this screen to come home with me because I loved the unusual long and narrow shape when it was extended all the way out.

DIY Silhouette Cameo stenciled vintage window screen
I didn't have enough Silhouette vinyl to complete this project, so I had to use cheapo shelf liner paper even though I knew from my last stenciled screen (seen here) that it would not stick to the screen.  In order to keep my sanity and not ditch the whole project, I chose two simple fonts that wouldn't get out of control while I positioned the stencil on the screen.

stenciling with a Silhouette Cameo
This is after I finished stenciling using a large stencil brush and antique white acrylic paint.  You'd never know there was any paint at all on the screen because it gets lost against the white paper towel background.

DIY #mysalvagedtreasures vintage stenciled window screen upcycle
A little paint goes a long way and pops against the light tan wall.

vintage goods DIY stenciled window screen Silhouette Cameo project
It's 44" long when all the way open.   Pay no attention to those shiny nails on the left side of the frame, I took care of them by rusting 'em up.

stenciled window screen DIY vintage #mysalvagedtreasures
Just a little tidbit about this hutch that my grandmother had in her home as far back as I can remember.  When she passed away in 1975 it went to my aunt, then to my parents after my aunt passed away, then to my sister when my mom moved into a smaller home about ten years ago.  My sister had it stored in her garage all this time (gasp), and just offered it to me a few months ago.  My original plan was to paint it, but I didn't have the heart to cover it up once I realized how beautiful the wood was.  I love the contrast between the beautiful marble top (it weighs more than the hutch) and the dark walnut wood.  Did I mention that I'm still filling up the drawers?  Love all the new storage space I have now.

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