Sunday, August 9, 2015

How to Update Boring Jewelry Displays

Every now and then I feel the urge to make some new jewelry displays for my antique show booth. I used a lot of black velvet displays several years ago, but I'm really more of a burlap and lace kinda gal which is a much better fit for my repurposed jewelry. Most of my old black velvet necklace and bracelet displays have been stashed in the back of a closet collecting dust and anything else willing to stick to them.  Instead of tossing or donating them, I decided to salvage what I could from a couple of bracelet bars.

How to update a boring jewelry display
A rusty old gear and a non-working milk glass lamp were perfect candidates for the new bases.

updating a boring jewelry display with a vintage lamp and burlap
After cutting off the old base, I glued burlap directly to the velvet with Tacky glue, then covered each end with a pocket watch face.  The bar was a snug fit inside the lamp socket, so it just needed a dab of E6000 to keep it from coming loose.

Updating a boring jewelry display with vintage lace
For the second display, I glued two pieces of vintage lace around the velvet, then covered the ends with the same lace.

Update an old jewelry display with vintage bits and pieces
Rusty gear, rhinestones, twine, and lace.  I like this combination!!

How to update a jewelry display with an old lamp
 The milk glass lamp needed a little sparkle too.

Update borning jewelry displays with vintage components
Pay no attention to those lifeless old watches that snuck in the picture.  I'm working on beautifying a bunch of them and will share them with you soon. 

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