Friday, June 5, 2015

Architectural Salvage Projects

Last week I visited The Owl Box, my favorite vintage store in town, to check out their new location and to buy a quart of paint.  It's never easy to control my shopping urge in there, but I behaved myself and only walked away with the paint and these perfectly chippy old architectural beauties.

Chippy architectural salvage
After a good bath, I lined 'em up outside to dry, then sprayed all of them with a few coats of
 clear matte sealer  They're so charming just the way they are, but I wanted to do a little something extra with a few of them.

Repurposed architectural salvage
One of the plain pieces became a necklace display and the other one became a picture holder.
The picture holder will do double duty as a jewelry display if I need an extra one during
a show.

repurposed architectural salvage necklace display upcycle
I love the contrast between the chippy old wood and the beautiful vintage lace.

chippy salvaged necklace display repurposed DIY
A vintage milk glass drawer knob adds a little charm.

antique architectural salvage necklace display repurposed chippy paint
What's up with all those little nails?  I don't display more than two necklaces on one stand, but with all the nails, any necklace will fit without hanging too high or low. The dowels are a snug fit inside the holes I drilled at a slight angle.

upcycled repurposed salvage picture display DIY
Isn't she a cutie?  I wish I could claim her as a relative. The tiny hinge helps hold her picture
in place.

repurposed salvaged wood picture holder lace upcycle
I used Tacky glue to attach the bottom edge of the lace to the wood, then slipped the picture inside the pocket.

Repurposed vintage doorknob architectural salvage upcycle
I attached a vintage glass doorknob to the chippiest of the bunch, then added a small hook to the back for hanging.  Another necklace display maybe?

repurposed salvage antique building materials
The other three decorative beauties are on their way to my living room mantel. Nothing fancy. I'll just prop them up and enjoy them.

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