Friday, December 4, 2015

Boxwood Wagon Wheel Wreath

The wheels in my head started turning when I spotted something in one of my favorite magazines last week. I can make this NOW! I don't have to hunt down the parts. I don't have to add it to my long list of one-of-these-days projects. The only challenge was to figure out where I stashed my old wagon wheel.

How to make a boxwood wagon wheel wreath
This simple boxwood wreath took me about one hour from start to finish (not including the time it took to find the wheel).

vintage wagon wheel and boxwood wreath tutorial
I found my wheel, grabbed a roll of 24g black wire, then gave the boxwood shrub a little haircut.

how to make a boxwood wagon wheel wreath
I attached a few pieces of greenery at a time by wrapping the wire around the stems and wheel.

make a boxwood wagon wheel wreath
Then I tucked in several more pieces here and there to cover the wire. 

boxwood wreath with vintage jewelry
A little pop of color was just what it needed. I glued a rhinestone clip-on earring to an antique shoe clip, then secured it to the wheel with wire.

Christmas decor boxwood wagon wheel wreath with vintage jewelry
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the greenery lasts through the Christmas season. So far, so good! 
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