Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fun with Watch Parts, Keys, and Rhinestones

It's been quite a while since I posted about any of my jewelry creations even though I'm putting something together just about every day.  I'm always trying to keep well stocked for my next show and just when I think I have enough, I find myself getting lost in one more creation.  I give myself five more minutes, then realize an hour has gone by.  I need a buzzer!  I don't always get around to taking pictures of everything, but I wanted to share a sample of some of the pieces I worked on this week.....

Clip on earrings and old house keys are always a fun combination.   Unlike a skeleton key, the surface is large enough to get a good glue bond between the earring and key.  Roughing up the key with some sandpaper before gluing also helps.  For the key hole in the center, I glued a watch face to the back and raided my sewing supplies for the hook on top.  I clipped a dangling rhinestone earring right in the bottom screw hole and secured it with a little E6000.

Embellished keys with vintage clip on earrings, a typewriter key, and little rhinestones.
Notice the "Made in America" marking on the skeleton key?

The one in the middle is decorated with an old clip on earring and the other two have pearl and rhinestone links from a once loved necklace.

Watch face earrings made from some of the bits and pieces I bought last weekend.

The watch faces I bought last weekend had to be cleaned up before I could use them.  I used soap and water to clean the fronts and fine #0000 steel wool to remove the grime from the backs.  Sometimes the fronts need a little extra cleaning, just be sure not to rub too hard with the steel wool because part of the  graphics can disappear.

It's not important that the watch faces match exactly, but I like each pair to be the same shape and size.

Now I have to decide which pair to keep for myself.

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