Monday, February 11, 2013

Cottage Junk

I rescued this old cabinet door from the salvage yard a while back along with a couple of others. My original idea was to turn this one into a chalkboard, but I got distracted from that plan and ended up putting all of them on the back burner.  Plan B: I always have plenty of junk hanging around, so why not merge the two.

I gathered up some junk from my overflowing collection and turned it into....

Cottage junk.
I used screws for the old hooks and some small nails here and there, but most of the junk was just glued in place with E6000.

Horseshoe, typewriter ribbon spool, doorknob spindle, section of a copper frame, typewriter ruler, and a miscellaneous typewriter part.

Section of a brass frame, typewriter ruler, pocket watch gear, drawer handles, and a fitting from a lamp.

No paint job was required and the original hinges are still intact.  I'll be decorating the other cabinet doors with more junk. 

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