Friday, September 20, 2013

Junk Projects

Over the past two weeks I've been slowly working away on finishing up some "back friendly" junk projects. Nothing strenuous, just a little each day.  I was also able to get a lot of jewelry made up and photographed for my Etsy shop, but I still need to get in there and get things listed stock the shelves.  I got a little too confident with how much better my back was feeling and ended up overdoing it when I started unpacking and repacking boxes in preparation for Mes Amis antique show this weekend.  I ended up making the executive decision to back out of my favorite show this time around.  I'm feeling better now, but just can't risk another setback.  I don't even feel guilty about having a dirty house!  Good excuse, right?

Anyway, all this junk and a lot more will be coming with me to my next show or into the store in a couple of weeks.....

vintage suitcase and box
A large black vintage suitcase becomes a bulletin board.  The pins stay in place because the top/front of the suitcase has some padding under it.  The Vintage Sign stencil from Maison de Stencils was added just because.

vintage boxes with vintage inspired labels.
Rustic old boxes found at a yard sale got a little face lift using labels from The Graphics Fairy.  So darn easy and literally a two-minute project with the help of Matte Mod Podge.

antique hinge
This chippy and rusty antique hinge got a new life as a business card holder.  I glued a couple of clear glass buttons in the screw holes to hold the cards, then applied more glue (E6000) on the back of the hinge to keep it in place.

stamped silverware
I didn't get a lot of silverware stamped, just topped off some of my best selling sets of two and three forks.  I flattened the forks a few weeks ago, so they just needed the letters stamped.  Perfect for holding pictures displayed in a potted plant.  For more information, you can check out my stamped silverware tutorial.

vintage finds
It's that time of year again for creepy doll heads.  This one was a perfect fit on top of an architectural piece and a chippy old lamp part.  It's all glued together with E6000.  An apothecary bottle got a label from The Graphics Fairy and several metal containers (only two shown) were stenciled with No. 1, 2, or 3.  That thing you see over the aluminum kettle is actually three separate old lampshade frames that I wrapped with strips of torn muslin.  They'll look much better on a lamp!

rustic vintage sign
A couple of signs are finally finished.   I made the VINTAGE stencil with my Silhouette; it just needs a little shading and some hardware for hanging.  

jute webbing sign
ANTIQUES Sold Here replaces the 4th of July sign I originally had in this metal frame.

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