Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas and New Year Tape Measure Trees

Preparations for my next show have kept me pretty busy the last couple of days, but after getting everything packed up and ready to go, I decided it was time to finish a few more tape measure trees.  I abandoned these trees a few weeks ago when I got sidetracked and made these larger versions to sell.  The tape measures were already cut up, so I just had to search for something to use as a frame.

 A few years ago I purchased several single pages from a Victorian picture album and used most of them to make necklace displays; I forgot I still had two more.  I glued the back of a tattered thrift store book to each album page for color and stability, then simply glued on the tape measure pieces and tree toppers.

A single rhinestone bell earring becomes a tree topper.

Instead of just putting a hook on the back, I had the urge to junk them up a little more.  I grabbed some chippy hinges from my hardware stash and two short pieces of molding salvaged from an old bar.

I painted the molding, roughed it up a bit, and attached the hinges with one screw on each side.

The old paint on the hinges keeps them from swinging back and forth.  

This one is the Happy New Year Tree with number 1 on top.

A rhinestone angel earring decorates the top of the tree.

Made in the USA.  

My Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year trees are now wrapped up and under the real tree.  I'm thinking the chippy picture holders will come in handy even after the holidays are over.

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  1. These are so cute!!! Love the little brooch at the top! I need to find some yard sticks, there's so many projects I want to try! :) Happy weekend!! xo Holly

  2. Marvelous holders! How come I can't see old wooden bits and hinges the way you do? I'm going to have to pick your brain soon...

  3. These are wonderful!! You know how much I love old hinges and the stands are just perfect!!

  4. Send me some of your creativity and energy please!
    Cold, sleet, freezing rain, everything freezing, so all I did was curl up and stay warm. :/

  5. Cute idea! I'm always inspired by you!

  6. Betsy, you are so creative...How does your mind work??? These are adorable!


  7. Love it!! Hope you have a great show. I just had my last show for the year last weekend.

  8. I love these. I want to have one now. Another winner!

  9. Hi Betsy, I love all your tree ideas and these are wonderful too, including the frames.
    Have a happy weekend!

  10. You never cease to amaze me. How does your brain work that it comes up with such fun ideas?

  11. Wonderful. My favorite parts are the tree toppers and the hinges. Weird, but true. :)

  12. now I have two trees I can make with those old tape measures that are not selling at the store.
    Then I'll wish I had more cause everyone will want a tape measure to make their own. =)


    be blessed
    PS snowed in so more time to gander around here. of course could be cleaning or something. Nah...

  13. I love this and I LOVE made in America! I am only buying Made in America or vintage items this year. Sweet hugs!

  14. Hi Betsy, what an incredible creation you have designed. Just love this. You are amazing.
    Have a great week.

  15. These are so cute, Betsy. I love the old pages. They are beautiful.

  16. Now these are just too cool... you always create such brilliant pieces; art I would love to display in my own home! I just love the bling you found to top the trees; and the fact that the numbers at the top are perfect for the season!

  17. Betsy, I just love seeing what you come up with! These are SO fun! :)


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