Friday, February 27, 2015

Salvaged Junk Signs

A few days ago I was in the mood to dress up a couple of old boards I recently rediscovered in my shed.  I was actually shocked that there were several pieces out there that I had completely forgotten about.  I chopped up a few of them and set them aside for other projects, then went digging through my miscellaneous junk collection in search of something to make a few signs.

Cottage Home Junk Signs
After a lot of digging and a little gluing, two salvaged junk signs were born.

Home sign with salvaged junk
HOME was created with links from a necklace, a watch hand, camera lens, initial M pin, and part of a picture hanger.  How about a necklace chain and toggle clasp for hanging?

repurposed salvaged junk sign home
I love the natural crackle finish on this old board.

Salvaged junk and driftwood Cottage sign
I thought this driftwood board would be perfect for another COTTAGE sign.  This one is made with miscellaneous bits of door hardware, drawer pulls, a typewriter ruler, and a few mystery pieces.

Salvaged junk driftwood cottage sign
It's even pointing in the direction of the cottage --->

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