Friday, February 20, 2015

A Few Junky Projects

It's been a crazy week around here with non junk related pesky problems that ate away a lot of my time.  A couple of visits from the plumber and some other money draining repair issues sure kept me busy, but I did manage to put the finishing touches on a few projects I had been working on.

painted metal vintage filing box stenciled grain sack repurposed
I purchased these two metal filing boxes at a yard sale a few months ago.  Both of them were a mess on the outside, but the inside of the drawers were spotless!  

painted metal vintage filing box stenciled grain sack repurposed
After painting this single drawer box with Annie Sloan Old Ochre, I taped off a grain sack pattern and stenciled away.

painted metal vintage filing box stenciled chalkboard tags The two drawer box was painted with CeCe Caldwell's Seattle Mist.  I cut out two pieces of chalkboard vinyl for the labels, then inserted them into the chippy and rusty drawer pulls.  Plenty of room for miscellaneous stuff and junk.

repurposed serving fork picture holder vintage earring
Note card/picture holder made with a large serving fork, small wood rosette, and a vintage clip-on earring.  

vintage steel buttons Czech glass buttons
I had fun making earrings with newish glass buttons and vintage steel buttons.

vintage button earrings glass buttons cut steel buttons repurposed
My next vintage show isn't until mid April, so I decided to list some of them in my Etsy shop.  

vintage glass door knobs repurposed coat hanger vintage yardsticks
The old drawer front I bought at an antique show last month makes a perfect base for a door knob coat/accessory hanger.  I had just enough bits and pieces of old yardsticks left over for one more single door knob hanger.  You can see more of my yardstick boards here, here, and here.  I sure miss the days when I could find loads of old yardsticks for $1 each and glass door knobs for not much more than that!!

repurposed vintage crystal door knobs
Love the natural chippy paint and the pretty carved handles.

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  1. Lots of awesomeness there! Sorry about your plumbing woes. I had some added expenses this week too. Went to look at another trailer, 7 hours away and a night in a motel and it was not as discribed...ugh!

  2. Way cool! I too love old yard sticks, and we have several around the house.

  3. Great projects you have made Betsy! I can't wait to see them in person at Mes Amis!

  4. You've been having fun, Betsy -- and the results are worth the effort. I especially love the terrific file boxes! Every image is terrific and represents a huge ton of work. Bravo!

  5. Love the fork photo/card holder! I always love to see what wonderful projects you are sharing next...

  6. Sorry you've had "one of those weeks", Betsy...but it sure didn't stop your creativity! I love it all...and I'm looking at my little file cabinets in a whole new way...

  7. LOVE the note card holder! I have TONS of old family photos that need new, inventive ways to be displayed and this is just a FANTASTIC idea! I am also going to grab some old buttons and try making earrings from them.
    Thank you,
    Treasures by Renee

  8. Love the hangers! I am working on one from the back of an old chair!

  9. A couple of questions:

    First, have those drawers sold? If not, how much are they? I am working on the decor for my son's wedding and those boxes would work perfectly for the seating arrangement table. If they are still for sale, I will explain how we will use them, otherwise, I won't bore you.

    Second, I keep seeing forks with Mr. and Mrs. stamped on them. Do you make them? It would be fun to have for them as we sit down to dinner. Eating of the cake would be an obvious use, but they are thinking of a McConnell's Ice Cream Bar instead. Actually, if they go with the ice cream, do you make spoons?

    I know you are in Tracy, but our daughter spends many weekends in Sacramento so we could figure out a way for me to get the boxes if they are still for sale.

    BTW - I love what you created.

  10. I just love your button earrings. I have a soft spot for vintage buttons and yours are just beautiful embellished into earrings! Love the glass doorknobs too! I have then all over my house as doorknobs so I can't craft with them!!

  11. very clever with the file boxes .... :-D
    And I love the glass knobs .... nice!
    diane @ thoughts & shots

  12. You are so creative, Betsy!!!!! I hear your pain with the plumbing issues and $$$$. We're looking into replacing our hot water heater and a few other things . . . . xoxo

  13. Sorry to hear of your homeowner woes! Hope they're all over now. Your earrings are beautiful, the second from right almost looks like a celtic pattern. I have a double drawer set like yours that's plain black and I have been meaning to paint how you used the vinyl chalkboard, great idea!

  14. Know what you mean about the plumbing/repair issues. :/
    Looks like you have accomplished a lot on your projects - love the earrings.

  15. That fork card holder is brilliant! Second only to the mouse-trap :-)
    And please do send the plumber my way :-(

  16. I love your creations and have several pairs of your earrings and a few necklaces that are my favorites!!!

    Oh yes, it is getting harder and harder to find that good old junk for next to nothing!

    Happy weekend!

  17. I love your stenciling work and the super cute earrings! I am also crazy about the door front as a coat rack. Love, love, love your style!

  18. Hi Betsy, Love your glass door knobs with the mercury glass centers. Those are my favorite kind. Sometimes, I see stacks of yardsticks at auctions and they sell to men, repeatedly, for 8.00 or more each. I can't compete at those prices. But I do love the old shellac finishes and everyday graphics. The fork picture holder is another great idea from the mind of Betsy. If you have time, will you tell it a machine screw that holds it upright? I'll check back to see if you answer. Thank you. ~Ginene

    1. Hi Ginene. When I found this serving fork, it was missing its full decorative handle and only had the inner 1/8" diameter rod attached to the fork part. I cut the rod down to about 3/4" in length, then drilled a hole in the wood rosette and glued it in place. I hope this helps and makes sense:-)

  19. HI Betsy,
    I love all of your salvaged projects. It's amazing that you accomplished so much with a plumber at your house! I like how you labeled the drawers for "Stuff" and "Junk" - that about covers it for most of us, doesn't it?! Enjoy your blog.
    Cheryl @ 22 Applegate Lane

  20. You sure accomplished a lot even with life getting in the way. I love that drawer front and you are right...I never find any yard sticks.....I think it is all your fault....You showed so many great yard stick projects!!!


  21. Betsy, only you could turn plain metal file cabinets into things of beauty! I love this! And of course the color, Seattle mist, is exactly what our grey skies look like this time of year! Lol! Love that drawer front coat rack - how clever! You have the magic touch! xo Karen

  22. Love these ideas!!


  23. I remember years ago a junk dealer giving me a bag of glass knobs for FREE! Love the fork display and the new-ish earrings.

  24. I hope those pesky plumbing problems are taken care of now. Love all your projects, but that drawer front coat rack is my favorite. Love. It.

  25. Betsy, its a great project. As I have a girl I think I will do it later, but sure :DD

  26. Love how your drawers turned out. And your fork place card holder is pretty. Sure wish that I would of known to save my junk instead of throwing it away. Now you have to pay with an arm and a leg to get old stuff. And the older and more rusty and best up they want both arms and legs (-;

  27. hi Betsy, how are you? I love your junky projects and what transformations they made. I'm so glad we're in the fb share group and will be great getting to know you and your blog better. Thanks so much for coming over and linking up to our Something to Talk About Link Party too and hope you join us again next Monday morning. Have a great week, Lisa at Concord Cottage

  28. Great projects Betsy! Catching you!


  29. Love it all but for sure love the earrings.

  30. Betsy Thank you again so much for sharing and linking up to our Something to Talk About Link Party and I hope you join us again tomorrow morning. hugs, Lisa at Concord Cottage

  31. HI Betsy
    Absolutely love your painted metal drawers, especially the one with the grain sack stripe! I've pinned it to "My Style" Pinterest board.


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